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According to legend, there was White Wolf Wolf Mountain Home on it, and passed by the shape of a wolf named after the mountain.
Chunhua Song period (990-994 years) Reign in the name of Yang Jun indecent think Wolf will change as the enamel Wolf Mountain, and then mostly because of the purple mountains of rock, it is also known as purple enamel Hill descendants , Nantong City, which also got the "Purple Lang," another name for the elegant.
Wolf of the original in the Yangtze River into the Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen third went to Japan to stay sheltered in Wolf, the NorthWolf Song and land up until then. Temples were built from the Song to Qing Palace Tower, Temple of the total were widely taught. Wolf Mountain Buddhist temple for the other Bodhisattvas. Are the main landscape:

Buddha Hall of the Mountain Gate
Gate into the wolf, is the method milk Church, the original temple was widely taught in the "Main Hall", also known as the Buddha Hall.
Tile murals halls on three sides from the Eastern Han Dynasty to modern China';s eighteen-knownPortrait of monks, for the contemporary range has made famous painter. Ten Level up the west side of the hall, is surrounded by a solid brick of a seven-tower, known as phantom public tower. Lang Park, the first purple Tacitus, the original "three fairy", is turned into restaurants. Again, the road on the right as the rain Martyrs elegant white (white is the Nantong people, patriotic scholars, zhao teacher leadership Luanzhou Revolution uprising when, after the heroic sacrifice.)

Temple Mount widely taught
Shandong has a southern slope of Wansong LingWangjiang Ting, overlooking the mighty Yangtze River in this, Jiangnan Fu Yu two mountains looming. The bamboo Kwai for the Hillside Garden, the Imperial Stele Pavilion in front of Emperor Kangxi. Mounted on top of Wolf Mountain, see the widely taught that the main temple buildings, the temple in front of Grand sets vision.
The door is extracted King, two-story, old as the Theater.
Through the Sui King, the face is Yuantong, which for the other Bodhisattvas, Buddha up to 4.5 meters, is the largest Buddhist temple Wolf. Plastic on both sides of the "sixteen Venerable" like.
  bring up the rear of the support tower was built in North Song Taiping cloud rejuvenating period (976 ~ 983 years), height of 35 meters, one of five four three towers Nantong (the other two towers for the city and light Xiao Wenfeng Tower).
Wolf Mountain tower is the famous Big Temple. Wolf Story for the interpretation of the Tang Dynasty monk Buddha, he traveled south JAC, healing people, flood control, deeply loved. Tang Zhongzong him as a National Division, is generation of monks. Story Buddha hall wearing a robe, wears a solemn; both sides for his disciplesDegree Hui shore and Mucha. Smoke curling hall throughout the year, Xiang Wu dense.

Yamashita Celebrity Tomb
Yamashita southeast foot of the "Four Heroes," one of the LUO tomb. Legend LUO Xu Jingye he joined the uprising against the provincial governor Wu, Yangzhou, Nantong, in exile after the defeat.
Luo tomb alongside with the Southern Song Dynasty national hero Wen Tianxiang, the bureaucracy was a payment and clearing should be "five mountains Gazetteer" compiled by Liu NanLu';s tomb, the tomb of a little there are three Korean Kim Cang Tomb of the patriotic poet.

Wolf Wolf Mountain Scenic Area is located in the southern suburbs. Scenic Area by the Wolf, Jian Shan, Jun Shan, Ma On Shan to Wong Nai Wushan Mountain and the composition. Five mountain is not high, but in the vast flat Jianghai original, Ling Longjiao little attention, and the south of Yangtze River, mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery.

Wushan Mountain wolf, the elevation of 106.94 m, the most graceful, cultural heritage, the other four mountains such as Zhongxinggongyue, therefore, Wolf Mountain for the first five.

This year the most exciting night of the Lantern Festival. Han only Torch - Torch Festival is quite LangshanDistinctive, people waved torches everywhere, shouting chant, pray for good weather, bumper harvest, a magnificent sight.

Mountain landscape overlooking the Yangtze River can be seen, magnificent.

Wolf has a street Jiang fresh, taste Nantong seafood dishes, and authentic Wolf broiler.


Chongchuan District No. 18 Wolf Road Town Harbor. Commerce Street from Wolf Jinghai available by 5 bus or coach station bus 13 in Nantong.

By car: direction SuzhouFrom Sujiahang (Changshu direction) - Coastal Expressway - Bridge, along the A5-Shanghai high-speed start - Su Tong Bridge. And then to Nanjing-Qidong Expressway (formerly known as Memorandum high-speed) (Nantong direction) Nantong no less than a second the first exit, the walk under the Ben (Haimen) under the direction of speed is not how far that is.

Wolf is opening in a cable can reach the top.


Season 48 yuan (2,3,4,5,9,10 months); season 38 yuan (1,6,7,8, 11,12).

6:00-17:30 (winter 6:30-17:00).