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79F ~ 90F
NE at 20km/h
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Well Hung Ya Dan Meiling Scenic Area is the leading area. The park is the birthplace of Chinese classical melody and dance, past and present top ten Nanchang King - Well Hung Dan cliff, bell Drum, Chui Fine proudly Temple, Box King compact, rounded Villa mighty wind cents to commemorate the ancient Chinese temple music music , was the Tang Dynasty writer Lu Yu, Ouyang Xiu and Song named "the world eighth Stephen" Cliff Falls Hung Sheng Ji Quan and other famous human.

Have the sound of water, such as Sound of harp-like river, riding sounds River, Park Creek, Yudi picturesque lake, Yuqin Lake. Akira water district also scare the bridge, water floating bridge, cliff Fei Du, Lin Zhongqiu thousands, Drum, and other entertainment facilities. There are long scenic dance acrobatics for tourists add to the fun.

Well Hung Dan Cliff is "Yu Zhang (ancient Nanchang) sites", located west of Wanli District, Nanchang, north of Ukraine on grain source streams. According to historical records, Hung Well Cliff Dan Lok is the music minister Ling Lun Zu Huangdi nose at practice. Who have been Diming his "arrogance of the West summer, Kunlun Yin, take the bamboo in the mountain valley solution, the Health and its orifices are those thick, blowing off two and thought the tube Conservatory."


At 1Line 9 bus terminal, 112 bus line must pass through stations. Can also get off the bus, 219 Road to the Wanli interchange 112.