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Three stars located in the Poyang Lake County on the southern waterfront, which is a small rocky island, high if Shu Zhang, Yu Bu aspect weeks back about a hundred, but the total area of 1,800 square meters, shaped like a star at first glance like floating in the water, transfer To Zhuixingsuohua.

Song Jiang of the singular of "stone lake today, when the stars," the poem describes. Legend of the Five Emperors Laoer there, Conferring it the "Gem Mountain" and donated "lucky star Dragon Court" on the pier.

After all ages to repair Song, Ming and additional landscaping, such as floating Yuk House, Yu Jing Xuan Yi Xuan Kong, Ching Fai House, etc., have suffered a lot because no residualHas been. On the raw wood, still elegant and beautiful environment pier. Standing on it: You can see Lushan, light cigarettes majestic light cover; close up the lake, the same color blue and groaning.