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Poyang Lake is located south of the Yangtze, in northern Jiangxi Province, in different historical periods, the Poyang Lake have had different titles, mainly Penzer, Peng Wu, Guanting Lake, Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake, is the famous national bird protected areas, wetlands of international importance.

Gan Cheng Lake South River, Fuhe, the letter Jiang, Xiushui and Raohe other five river water, North Note the Yangtze River, Poyang Lake is a throughput-type lake with a natural regulation of water and flood storage function of the Yangtze River, with the season changes in the lake down a large extent, the normal water level, the Poyang Lake area of 3914 square kilometers, but to the low flowQuarter of its area is only 140 square kilometers, larger contraction.

Poyang Lake is China';s famous "land of plenty", rich in a variety of freshwater organisms, especially the most valuable Pohu whitebait, and can be described in Poyang Lake along the old times, the history of many leaders of celebrities or born here, or living in Sri Lanka, there has always been for the military contested, historical event after another, much has this practice in the Navy East Wuzhou Yu, Li Lieh-chun in the past have initiated "second revolution" and the literati fortunate Pro many times here, Diaogu Wing today, singing the Ode .

Lake across the Jiujiang and Nanchang, and other cities, lake shore landscapeThroughout, Jiujiang City has some spots with the cruise will be connected into a "Lake Tour", the main attractions are Shak Chung Shan, Dagushan, Nanshan, Laoyemiao, off Star Lake, etc., sunny day, Lake floating light jump gold, fan Xiang Ying birds, rain, the Poyang Lake vastness, diversity, Lake can be described as beautiful scenery and the picturesque scenery.

Poyang Lake is Asia';s largest wintering ground for migratory birds, a bird lover';s paradise, "and the lonely duck falling clouds flying, relaxed and a total length of sky color" is a Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo';s "Preface to King," the famous line, he described it is Lake views, visitors tour, experience as possibleDepicted the beauty of verse.

Best Travel Time: Travel to the Lake, or choose to late summer, this time to the main water features; or select in the winter (watch migratory birds from mid-November to early March the following year, the best bird-watching period In late November), the main bird-watching at this time Zeyi.

View of Lake Lushan can be one of the scenery, lakes and mountains, the vastness, is particularly charming.

Poyang Lake is a famous land of plenty, rich variety of freshwater fish, visitors to this, it may taste delicious specialty of the Poyang Lake.

Pohu Whitebait is the economic price of fish in LakeThe highest share of luxury, with a variety of medical efficacy, due to uncontrolled fishing fishermen, the output is not what it used, and thus more expensive, visitors can go home a little, giving friends and family.


Internal Transport: Visitors to the cruise line and from the Lake of the tourist attractions. Lake tours to cruise between the various sites linked to, visitors need to make preparations to prevent seasickness.


Shak Chung Shan near Poyang Lake, Dagushan. Play fee: Shak Chung Shan 60, Dagushan (shoes Mountain) 20 million, back and forth between Dagushan tickets 22 yuan.