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DUCHANG near Poyang Lake in Nanshan, a tall and beautiful, have a dignified appearance as the mainstay of the stands in the ten thousand ares blue.

Su Shan has attracted tour, wrote "over all chang," the famous poem:

Poyang Lake Duchang County,

Lights up the house ten thousand.

Nanshan people do not cross water separation,

East wind old Bi peach.


Between the City and Nanshan in Duchang County has built a cross-Poyang Lake, the water penetration stone causeway. Hong Long Beach into a smooth, may by due degrees to the hills.

The famous historical site, Nanshan mainly rock and Noe Noe Izumi and victorious. According to the "all-chang" record: "Noe rock, springs, Nanshan rule in Yap. According to legend, the elderly at the rock when the Han, the Emperor';s southern tour, want to give the old man could not speech, later said, because names of their rock '; Noe rock ';. shixia under rocks, in the spring, Gan Jie Qinglie, although the drought is not dry. Songxue Shi Shi taste tour of this, Yue its spring, is carved in the rock'; Noe Springs'; words, naturally springs and rock and known to carry far and wide. "

Noe Springs in the proximal, there is a chair shaped like a circleStone, this is the "turn by Taiwan." According to legend, when the famous scholar Xie Jin had read the classics on this stone, hence the name. Turn by the side of the stage, Nanshan Temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, formerly known as "clear hidden temple." Xining Song seven years (AD 1074), changed its name to "Qing Hidden Temple." The famous Song Dynasty poet and calligrapher Huang, who are attracted to visit Nanshan, wrote "Hidden Temple Temple cleared." The existing building, reconstruction of the Ming Dynasty Jiajingnianjian, and rebuilt by the Qing Dynasty.