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Kom Tong Hall Lake is located in Jiujiang City, is a natural lake.

Kom Tong Hall Lake, the ancient name of "Jing-yang Lake", an area of about 80 million square meters, with an average depth of 1.4 meters, made by the Lushan Mountain spring water pool, Tang Changqing years (AD 822) before and after the provincial governor Li Bogang the Renjiang Zhou, in order to Yangtze River water to prevent back flow when the flood season, threatening the Jiujiang city, the lake will be built in Long Beach, 60 meters, set the gate to control water level,

Long Beach will be divided into east and west half of the lake, east to South Lake, West Lake for the Kom Tong Hall, the latter referred to as the Kom Tong Hall Lake, Lake in the Three Kingdoms period of Kom Tong Hall was a military base in Soochow water, lake scenic area,Yang Liu Yiyi, blue waves.

Smoke Shuiting: Kom Tong Hall Lake center island famous original Wu Zhou Yu will be Taiwan, Tang Yuan, and after eleven to ten years (816-818 years), the famous poet, disparaged Jiangzhou Sima, in Zhou Yu will be Taiwan built a pavilion on the site, because "Pipa" in the famous "Do not dip when the vast River Month" derived called "dip the Moon."

In the Northern Song Dynasty, the famous son of Neo Zhou Ting Zhou tomb to keep the parent of Jiujiang, in the Kom Tong Hall Hudi built a pavilion on, take "smoking mountain color thin cage" of Italy, called the smoke Shuiting, Ming Jiajing ,Dip both the Moon and smoke Shuiting waste, twenty-year Ming Dynasty (1593), Governor Huang Tengchun Jiujiang off the Moon in the dip of the displace smoke Shuiting reconstruction, after repeated smoke Shuiting repeated destroyed building, to the Qing dynasty, the only scale, people used to the island';s buildings become smoke Shuiting, after the founding, maintenance zigzag bridge, connecting the shore.

Smoke Shuiting buildings divided into left, middle and right three-way, according to the left there Chui Xuan, Ting Yuxuan also kiosks, on the right boat for the dip and the Office of the Moon, followed by smoke Shuiting Road, Shun Yeung Temple, Five Guanyinge Yin Court and the island';s architectural style coordination, fresh and elegant, couplets plaques, or narrative painting scenery, or freehand expressLove, elegance and lush.

Middle Island is now smoke Shuiting heritage Jiujiang City showroom, built heritage and more with local characteristics, while the five Yin Pavilion is to commemorate the Tao, Li Bogang, Bai, Zhou and Wang Yangming built.

Block tree-shaded lake island with a group of antique buildings, it is called smoke Shuiting is a party downtown in the Pure Land, where the scenery show Libi Bo waves, there Kuang reflection, there are places of interest, the "city of Jiujiang, show in a lake, "said.

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16,101,102,103 in Jiujiang city bus travel in the smoke can get off Shuiting.


Opening hours: 08:30 to 17:00.