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Young Island is located in the rural territory Wuning County, with a total area of 32.7 mu. Rare wildlife park animal and plant resources. And has many unique natural landscape. 1993 by the Provincial Forestry Department as a provincial forest park.

Major natural landscape:
Wu Wangfeng, located in the northeast corner of Forest Park, across the border card, the peak of the village forest, altitude 750 meters. Wuling Ridge Mountains from nine of the clock Cliff Chung Suozhi extension from south to north. There are three king Sun Quan their ancestral graves, the calendar that the "burial grave", the name of the resulting Wuwang Feng, and "morning sunrise, sun go at night to send. Wind sweeping the floor, on lighting. There are thousands of people at worship night that thousands of beacon "legend. Its peak of processes, such as the black dragon sky and shouts and potential, also known as "Xiao Tian Long."
Wuling rocks, protruding in the middle of September Ridge Mountains, altitude 1547 meters, the Wuning County, one of the five peaks, Wuning chi chih contains: "There are stones Chi Xu, fences faint hope of the cottages, not into, such as Wuling Taoyuan named. " Wuling rocks rocks everywhere, and ancientTrees, fresh air, climate, summer is a good place for Range Rover.
Water bowl, in the nine cross-Rock Ridge Mountains made the eastern end of the page, located in the town Wuning Yang Zhou Jiang Qiaocun the xikeng cave, 900 meters above sea level. Water bowls are waterfalls, about 10 meters, two meters wide curtain, the waterfall flow 0.3m3 / s, natural rock waterfall into the lake, such as the injection magnetic Ou, Yin-hua scattered. Sized about 2.8 meters in diameter, bowl enigmatic. Water bowl this strange scene, the domestic rare.

Rare wild animals are:
& Nbsp; leopard, monkeys, deer, big civet cat, deer, elk, ferret badger, raccoon, jackal (orang dogs), grass fox, civet cat, pangolin, Agkistrodon snake, tiger frog, Rana spinosa, owl , pheasant, silver pheasant, cranes and so on.

Rare wild plants are:
Source Angeles melon (melon source named in local specialty of valuable tree species, seed production stands of 300 acres has been established, it is said there are three wooden cross the Great Hall is to take the melon source Xing Shan), yew, fir, ginkgo, Guzhang, kiwi fruit, Melia, pointed Li,Ganoderma lucidum, berberine, Panax japonicus, Huang Jing, lobelia and so on.