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Changling and Castle Peak adjacent to a bank of Poyang Lake, the peninsula, due to the convenience of water transport have benefited from the Poyang Lake, the history of the Changling was once a bustling center of the pier, the establishment of the Ming Dynasty in the Changling Inspection Division, later moved to the Castle Peak town.

Changling town in addition to terminal business, the history, there are many places of interest, according to "Lushan" records, the history of famous monasteries, Changling return air Temple, Temple Mountain Temple and Xianglian, but now have been destroyed.

Changling village has a beautiful river - vegetables River, through the village into the Poyang Lake, the development of local prepared food River Lake Resort, dusty thousandsIn the town the day will soon penetrate the veil, show the world the beauty of her face.

Today';s Changling, Changling Hill is still lush and beautiful to Poyang Lake is still the Millennium endless flowing through the foot from the Changling, the Yangtze River into the sea.


Poyang Lake along the beach walk from the Castle ruins town about an hour to go before the Changling.