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Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province Xiaotianchi northeast of the southern suburbs of Jiujiang City.

The total length of 2,000 meters scenic valley, there are 30 places of natural attractions, scenic strange, original, quiet, towering peaks, steep cliffs, misty clouds, the water sweet and cool, green mountains attractive, strange stone visible, double- like dragon Chuxiu waterfall, lake Erlongxizhu.

30 years before the 20th century, little-known Bi Longtan, 1930, a famous modern poet Chen Sanli in the late Qing government was dismissed, the poet travels Lushan, by the natural landscape recluse divert to the poet found this old age has not yet been openedKai King issued, Lushan Chen Sanli traveled all wins, the inscriptions in this legislation, "Listening to the Waterfall Pavilion" praise: "suspected Shannan Sandiequan, jade Gap all wins, monensin distinction of any kind also."

Ice Valley: 1935, visit of the famous geologist Li Siguang here to research, identify, Department of Lushan Quaternary glacial ice Valley the most representative of the "U" shaped valley, with a typical glacial topography, milky glacial stone mix. Film "Li Siguang" taken many attractions to ice Valley, sitting Taniguchi, looking off at the lake, people reverie Promise, Tao Ran lotus.

Rich cultural landscape area, with li as written "Listening to the Waterfall Pavilion "and" Royal Slope Waterfall "and other various stone poems, some famous scholars have come to express one';s mind sightseeing tour.

Bi has been developed in the Longtan more than 30 attractions, especially the beauty of snow waterfall Pitt, and accompanied by many tourists traveling Perfect Mount dumping rocks.

Watch the sunrise together Sianfong boarded the light sparkling off the Po Hu Wei is spectacular, in the foggy season, reaching the sky clouds, mist filled valleys steaming, like diarrhea from the day the giant waterfall.

Area has been built in the early set of food, housing, music, swim in one of the travel company. Lead scenic Lushan cool water has built a 1,000 square meter swimming pool, for touristsSummer entertainment, Maple Dragon restaurant for 200 people for dinner.


Jiujiang City, only 24 km away, the city bus to arrive in 10 scenic Lushan Xiaotianchi from walking more than 3,000 meters to the northeast also arrived Dabi Longtan scenic spot.