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Lotus Village is located in the southeast corner of Huzhou city. Yuan Dynasty calligrapher Zhao Mengfu in the construction of villas here, open up the pond, the construction of Pine fasting month, moon in the water kiosks, named Lotus Village.
Lotus Chuang Chao, formerly the Department childhood reading. Ming Dynasty are still preserved, was destroyed late Qing Dynasty. Huzhou Municipal People';s Government in 1986 to repair, and adjacent to the park included the potential to make it together into one. The total area of 112 acres, of which one third of the water, divided into three King
Wang Tong Road in the Western gate Pro, the amount of doors inscribed by the famous calligrapher Zhao. Chao, handwriting the left door, "Wu Fu" full stone, Beiqian home with green Bian, Fang Yuan after the set, winning the right side of your pool, pond construction pine, fasting, and gull waves booths, vegetarian and kiosks connected to corridors.
Zhai Chao, west of the lotus is the peak age of old objects, carved lotus peak of seal, it was his handwriting, on the theme mountain peak floor, loose snow was fast and the gull waves Pavilion Chao, the most worthy of commemoration of his life building hisMany masterpieces in this complete.
Lotus Village redevelopment seasons varied scenery, taste the inexhaustible, Shonai, contemporary painting and calligraphy inscriptions. Art lovers and cultural tourism is preferred.