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Big Shushan about 10 km from the city center area of 8500 acres, 284 meters above sea level, is only a mountain suburb of Hefei. Department of Large Shushan big hill Mountains, mountain southeast to the northwest low, oval-shaped, formed by a volcanic eruption. Ancient volcanic cone should the volcano waterfall, rocks, volcanic neck since the volcano remains intact.

Kong Fu because not even the big Shushan is just one of a lonely mountain, so called Shushan. Open the old Temple, Dragon graves, Yuan Ji Long Miao, wells and other monuments. With the changing times, these palaces temples long gone, but Shushan, Feishui quiet scenery is still LuState symbol.

Built on top of a television transmitting station, is the highest in Hefei markers. There have been big around Shushan, "Snow Hill", "Magnolia Road", "Shushan Gallery", "Zodiac Garden", "Hefei Wild Animal Park", "Anhui Celebrity Garden" and other scenic spots. Built a magnificent south of the martyrs cemetery. Dong Lu completed 70 acres of cherry garden, planted seven varieties of 3500 cherry blossoms, Japan, Kurume City, which donated more than 300 strains. These attractions patchwork and pleasant scenery.

In recent years, the construction of water amusement park, located southeast of the park, from south to north, and Lake Magnolia Folk Village composition, covering 300 acres, Yishanbangshui. North Magnolia Lake with boat dock, lotus verandas, etc, to the main fishing boat. Southern Magnolia Lake as "water park" has two islands and a peninsula, the water separated for adults, adolescents, children, four swimming pools and surfing. Lake West Bank "folk village" built a yurt, Dai bamboo house, etc., each with ethnic customs.

Otherwise as the main body of large large garden Shushan - Shushan Forest Park.

Shushan the foot of a large Sheng Chen richest store Hefei delicious taste authentic dishes.

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The city has direct access to public transportation. The north side of the big Shushan, from Snow Hill to the top of the basket-style sightseeing ropeway has been built, visitors can enjoy the ease of the mountains and the city of Hefei charming scenery, enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains Shushan. Peak also has a Ferris wheel cable for visitors to take the play, viewing.