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Park is located in the southwest corner of the southern suburbs of Guiyang city, the park was established in 1966, after years of building has taken shape, with the Riverside Park in downtown Guiyang, the city east of Forest Park, the city Qianling Park, together constitute Guiyang municipal park system.

Park in the main karst topography, the park has the famous underground cave "Bailongdong" cave by cave body twists and turns, wall and karst coagulation is milky white, like a full disclosure of the White Dragon Yin Lin, hence the name.

"Bailongdong" length of 587 meters, width of the level difference between the larger tunnel, there are two "Window", to the natural regulationThe air inside the cave, illuminated by multicolored lights, stone bell For fall, lifelike, three-dimensional array of galleries like the article. Long ago, it was an old underground river, due to crustal movement, formation changes, water diversions, and gradually developed into various shapes of stalactites, constitute scenes magic Dongjing, fascinating.

In Bailongdong deep, surrounded by a white limestone, following a pool of clear water, a stone step stone in the water a hundred, called "hundred paces the bridge." Together like Changhong, lying on top of blue, beautiful scenery. Bailongdong in the scene described as a hole inside the cave, King of the King.

Park opens "Meiting", "Bamboo slope", "longevity forest", "Riverside mouth", "Double Pavilion" and more than 10 attractions, natural scenery, plant landscaping features, full of rustic charm. In addition, pavilions, flower beds dotted waterside, a stylized forest park.


5,7 by bus to the bridge so kindly get off light, or take the bus can reach 73 Road park entrance.

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Hours 9:30-16: 30