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Huaxi Park Tour Map

Huaxi Park is located southwest of Guiyang City, Huaxi town, is a financial real san water, rural scenery, ethnic customs as one of the natural park, has always been a "plateau Pearl" reputation.

Known as "China';s first love" flower River winds through this, the water crystal clear, surrounded by views out show. After the swim across the Huaxi Marshal Chen Yi, who left behind "real san water everywhere, Huaxi more natural layout. Shilihe Beach as bright as a mirror, a few steps garden a few fields." The poem.

Beautiful small mountain, stands at the two sides spent River, runs through the mountains in more than a caveThere underground river flowing under it. Consistent over the river mountain cliff, the more the bridge hit the wall, forming many small turbulence, small waterfalls and small lakes, a small flood. Brook on both sides of the distribution with some intricate patchwork of tower pavilions, step Ishidan flying bridge, hotel villa, to the mountains and water around, Yan Tang stacking, flood miles of beautiful scenery adds a stunning fantastic. Lin Shan near the creek, high-but-meter distance, looking like a natural large bonsai. Bayview Hill above the layer of rock, music loop trail, across the cave, "Fei Ge" How Jianshan, the tourist board to the top, panoramic views overlooking the Huaxi.

Another called the Turtle mountains and Lin Shan dependent,Huaxi living center. Puts up in the foothills of the bridge, the river Pentium, green river waterfall drop at a flow rate gradually slowed, the formation of ribbon lake, visitors can boat on roaming, the list of cross-strait magnificent scenery.

"Dam Bridge" above the trees there is a red roofs and white walls set off into a small villa, said Sino-Japanese War, Chiang Kai-shek commanded in this "war" issues. Below the bridge there is a chess pavilion, 1959, Marshal Chen Yi in the poem goes: "Huaxi chess pavilion bit mountain, people gather for this fee scrutiny. Advise you to let him be a significant, striking the highest chess."

Tips: Park in the spring when the peach blossoms in full bloom, garden styleDifferent attractive light; autumn visit in October is another opportunity to Huaxi. Tourism activities will enrich the park, tea moon, peace of mind.

And TOWNS, Tianhe Lake scenic area with in Huaxi.

There are many different features of the landscape, historical and cultural landscape is also extremely rich, Ba Jin and Xiao Shan wedding in 1945, the East Scotia, Premier Zhou Enlai had stayed off the West homes and so on.

Dining: From the door out of the park II, 3 minutes to Huaxi snack Street. There is a "flying bowl of beef powder" is actually the predecessor of Huaxi beef powder, it is worth eating. Accommodation: villa-style hotel is located in Huaxi building elegant and quiet environment, Huaxi River. There are modern facilities and spacious rooms, delicious local delicacies, the price is more than 100 yuan.


Huaxi from Guiyang to have direct access to highway, 20 kilometers away, take the shuttle bus around 2 million, then you can charter the van into the area, about 30 yuan. Also in Guizhou Normal University, China and Pakistan to take on the intersection Huaxi gregarious, from the reservoir by boat to the town of Huaxi Village, then take the cableRoad up to the Tianhe Lake. Also in Riverside Park, next to the bus station to the area by 26 ,8:00-17: 30, class 20 minutes.


Tickets: 8 yuan

Hours :8:30-18: 30