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Hongfeng Lake Tour Map

Hongfeng Lake Scenic Area is located in central Guizhou Qingzhen, Pingba County. Lake area of 57 square kilometers, equivalent to 13 times the Beijing Ming Tombs Reservoir, a maximum depth of meters or more, is the largest artificial lake in Guizhou Province. Hongfeng Lake field surrounded by red maple, autumn, the maple leaf as fire, water gently, mutual interaction Yao lining, so it is called: "Superficial", quite poetic.

Hongfeng Lake in size from the 192 scattered islands and the peninsula, during which the formation of Mountains Beyond Mountains, the water outside the water, the lake has islands, island in the lake of singular landscape. Area built Miao, Dong, BuyiThe three ethnic villages, Miao Diaojiaolou, Buyi and Dong Jia Shi Banfang the Drum Tower, Boasting patchwork, unique. At this point, can also enjoy the local folk dance, song toast to accept Dong, Miao and other ethnic minorities highway hospitality wine etiquette, By the way, also take part in every Saturday at the "Earth Wind carnival party." Visitors can take a cruise along the Lake Hongfeng to Dongzhai Douyi Quan, board Dongzhai tower you can see panoramic Hongfeng Lake, the lake has many undeveloped island.

Hongfeng Lake in the lava lake landscape and featuring both the Bailey Guilin handsome, and "plateau island" of Zi hundred rhyme. LakesSub North Lake, the Lake, South Lake and Back Lake. Lake Charm Four different: North Lake boundless expanse of blue, the lake Sayama Church, South Lake mountain heavy water complex, the latter peaks ring the lake water. General Bay karst caves in the South Lake generals hole, 600 meters long, 3 holes in the lake, white and transparent reflecting surface of various stalactites, like Crystal Palace, the formation of the mountains there is a lake, the lake with the island, the island possession holes, the holes of the lake, the hole Lake similarities, into mountain, forest, water, one hole Zhu Jing, a "wide, show, strange, cool," the four exotic scenery. Shuttle boat roaming the valley between the Stone Forest and the inlets, it is like entering Asgard.

Hongfeng Lake in the aquatic resources norOften rich in many types of fish, and meat tenderness and taste, in the local reputation. The island';s ethnic restaurants abound. To "fish" dish dishes based materials, there are hundreds of species.

Especially noteworthy is the Hongfeng Lake National Village. Ethnic Village by the Dong, Miao, Buyi composed of three villages, three villages were built on the island, drain the sea, each other well. Southwest Village not only housed the nation of 16 ethnic customs of the original performances, but also from all over the country to introduce circus acrobatics, exotic wild animals domesticated performances. Held once every week, "Folk Night Fever" dance of various ethnic groups where the leading position, so that visitors an eye-opener.

Tips: Best Travel Time: 11 months to October, the weather slightly cold, but it can not only enjoy the beauty of Lake Hongfeng, but also to enjoy the essence of Man Shan Hongfeng leaves, it can not help but ecstatic. If it is summer and fall, the proposed night to avoid daytime heat and exposure, very beautiful sunset, but also watch the Minority Folk song and dance performances, participate in campfire party, enjoy and go.

Places to complete the Hongfeng Lake Scenic Area, can taste the famous dishes, but also be able to taste the cuisine of Guizhou region, but also in the Dong and Miao peoplePopular village taste specialties of ethnic minorities. Very fresh shrimp produced in the lake, burning with saline, or fried ginger, spring onion, the taste is very delicious.


1, wearing your yellow highway over the lake, the city';s Riverside Park, Guiyang tour buses, more than 20 minutes to reach the area.

2, in the West Yan';an Road, Forest Road Social passenger stations of the bus ride to the Qingzhen ,8:00-17: 00, every 30 minutes, 5 yuan fare. To take to the Hongfeng Lake Qingzhen after the car, 1 per fare.


Scenic spots, the implementation of short, high season prices. Season from March 1 until October 31 only, 40 yuan / person / times; off-season from the time the November 1 ended until the end of February next year, 30 yuan / person / times. Dongzhai Drum Tower on the charge of 5 dollars separately fare.

Tips: 1, on the lake and the ship is 20 yuan / person, take a motor boat on the lake and the locals to bargain ,10-20 per month, your yachtMore.

2, an additional registration fee Drum 5 yuan Dong village, high and steep wooden staircase, wearing a short skirt ladies skirt especially careful in Happy Together.