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Forest Park is located 2.5 km southeast of the city of Guiyang, Guizhou Academy of Forestry formerly Experimental Forest Farm.

April 1960, when Premier Zhou Enlai to visit Guizhou, with its lush forests, many trees, spectacular views of the proposed forest park will be converted into a forest for visitors to visit other to enrich people';s cultural and spiritual life.

Because of its large number of forest types, forest when the long, vast area, gurgling springs, rare birds come and go, cicadas birds, sweet grass was given "one of the eight Guiyang" reputation, and rank among the highest in the first National Urban Forest Park . In 1999 was listed as "Chinese famous gardens. "

Resort Park has a yurt, Figure cloud Villa, Crape Myrtle Court, multifunctional activity center, and spa pool, barbecue area, ecological parks and other recreational facilities and service outlets.


The city did not direct train, the first bus to Youzha Street, there 5,12,10,18,37 Road. To the car to have.

Tickets 30 yuan