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     Liuhua Lake Park consists of 3 big lakes and 4 small lakes, covering an overall area of 540,000 square meters and a water area of 330,000 square meters. Liuhua Lake was named after the ruined Liuhua Bridge of the Southern Han Dynasty located at the northeast of the lake,it is one of beautiful attractions in guangzhou

     The east section of the park contains a tropical garden ( Xian gshuangbanna courtyard, Xishuangbanna is a place in the far south of Yunan province and is famous for the tropical landscape), the statue of girls washing clothes by a stream, a Cuckoo Garden, and South Sea Fishing Village Restaurant. The middle part features verdant banyans and sunflowers as well as the Xinguang Garden Restaurant, and health club. The south part is close to Guangzhou Children's Palace and is covered by a large forest of southern cypress, in which stands the Pulin Tea House, Taoyuan Restaurant, and the sheds for shaded plants. The west end of the park is a bonsai garden and the east end is the famous Liuhua Bird Garden.

     Features of the Liuhua Lake Park in Guangzhou

     The Liuhua Lake Park is a spectacular man made park interspersed with islands and hills. The vegetation consists of Tropical and Sub Tropical plants and flowers. Chinese Fan Palms, Banyan line the banks of the lake and impart some of its color to the lake.

    The island in the center of the lake is home to many species of rare birds.

    The Liuhua Lake Park also has a garden known as West Garden (Xiyuan) which has a collection of potted plants and miniature landscapes. The West Garden also has a commemorative oak which was planted by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II on her visit to China. The tree still stands high and symbolizes the friendship of the two countries.

     The other associated facilities at the Liuhua Lake Park consist of a tea house, nursery, restaurants and an aviary.

Address: 100 Liuhua Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Hours: 05:00 - 22:30