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Fuzhou Wanglongtai Park is located in the Riverside Avenue. The river water of the park is clear and the riverside is a good place to swim. The gate of the park called " Wangjing Platform" is consisted of eight ancient Rome pillars and large fountain. There are fishing platform, recreational watching gallery, beach volleyball court, service building, parking lot and other scenic spots in the park. There are planting banian, hoop pine, cycas revoluta, rose and more than ten kinds of rare flowers and trees. In the park, Sanbao Temple of hundreds of years is built in the park.

The geographical position of Wanglongtai Park is superior and vision. Panoramic view of green mountains are seem in your eyes. It is pure and fresh environment. Standing on the Wangjing Platform and looking into the distance, the park is swimming to the east like a white dragon.