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   Bird's Nest Hill is located in east of Binghai road,Dalian city, covers an area of 0.8 square kilometers.

   The name "Bird's Nest Hill" was given because of the black swallows that visit the Hill frequently. They make nests and settle on the precipitous rock and sheer cliff. The rocks on the beach have formed a natural scene for their varied shapes. Some of the cliff looks like fish fin; some looks like stone statues of Buddha; and some like sunken boats; and some like warships. The nearby Abalone Reef area is rich in abalone. Standing on top of the Hill, Standing on the top of the hill, you can enjoy a bird eye's view of vast sea, azure sky and diverse shapes of rocks, while listening to swallow's chirping and the sound of whitecaps. The sedate valley and tranquil dense woods often attract people from far and near. This area is abundant in marine products.