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Located in the south bank of Wentang Gorge along the Jialing River at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, the North Hot Spring enjoys a reputation as the "Pearl on the Jialing River."With Jialing River's passing through the district of Hechuan, there emerge the following three gorges from north to south: Liebie Gorge, Wentang Gorge and Guanyin Gorge. They are usually called the "Three Lesser Gorges on the Jialing River."

Situated about 10,000 metres west to the urban of Beibei Municipality, there stands the well-known Damotan Waterfall. In the rainy season it roars down just like many white-coloured chains, and the spray rises several dozens meters high. There is a very deep pool at the bottom decked with green grass. On the riverside at the up reach of Motan River lies an orange orchid covering an area of l,000 mu of land. In spring and summer, there spread numerous dots of white flowers, while in autumn and winter the trees in this place will be heavy with the fruit of red tangerines and yellow oranges, spreading fragrance far and wide.