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Xiaoyuan Park is particularly beautiful in spring, when the Cherry Blossom Forest spreads fragrant blossoms all over the park. The Cherry Blossom Forest is also home to the Chinese Friendship & Peace Bronze Statues which were given as gifts to the people of Changsha by the city of Kagoshima in Japan. The park is easily accessible, located just to the west of Changsha Train Station, south of Wuyi East Road.

The Xiaoyuan Park is well known for its small and exquisite construction combining the architecture art of the Han Dy nasty and the state of Chu, the style of south China's courtyard buildings and the modern architecture. In the center of the park, there is a fountain in the pond, together with artificial hills and stone sculptures. In the park there is a three-curve bridge and a park within a park. There is also a group of bronze sculptures with the theme to symbolize "peace and friendship" donated by the City of Kagoshima in Japan. A children's playground is also set up in the park. The ring roads are all shadeb by trees to match the scenic spots. Various kinds of flowers such as oriental cherry, azalea, crape myrtle, sweet scented osmanthus, yulan magnolia, and sweet camphor tree, Its southern entrance leads to the Wuyidonglu avenue.

Hours: 8:30 - 17:00
Price:RMB 10
Getting there:Take bus No.405 to Changdao Lukou stop