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Cangzhou folk song: "a text of a force, a national treasure, a human ancestor." Man, was the great master of literature Ji Xiaolan, Wu, was the Cangzhou is a world famous martial arts village, David refers to the Cangzhou Iron Lion, human ancestors that Pangu Pangu sites on the Qing County, Cangzhou City, belongs to this territory. 6 km south of the village Qingxian called "tape ancient", the village temple disk blocks west.
Old tape in Heilonggang River (the ancient Yellow River) West Bank, and its small-cap village south, because the legend, this settlement is named Pan Gu.
Temple was built in Yuan Khan plate fifteen years, Ming has rebuilt the Qing Emperor Kangxi twenty years due to river erosion, located in the southwest of the autumn Temple rebuilt. According to records, then the disc seemed to Beijing';s Forbidden City Temple third temple, stone, brick, wood, glazed tile ceiling, magnificent, magnificent. Front hall thirty feet six feet high, symbolizing the year of 360 days; level 18 Gordon, 18, said layer of hell; eaves and rafters 108, by 36 Plough, 72 to evil and cloth; the first line of each rafter a brass bell, according to workers , shang, jiao, zhi, yu pentameter and home,So-called "wind shake the heavens ringing music, light Dianding to brilliance," said. Hall there wearing leaves, Satisfy sun and the moon Pan as iron painted gold, eight inches high ridge zero. Hall of plastic in the South China Sea Statue, stock pots sitting on a lotus, colorful decoration on both sides. Rear set Laojun, Confucius, the Dragon King III statue, front of the hall encircle two thick acacia tree, rear iron chime hanging guhuai.

Related legends:
Flood control, legend, when a disk in the tombs found here. Pan Gu Yu of the groundbreaking special reverence, they had the temple repaired disk, but also enjoy church offering repair the house, and then leaving 200 households, 100 households keep the tomb, 100 to see the house. People to look at the house called the tape the 100 village households, 100 households that keep small cap called the Middle Kingdom tomb of the people. It is said that two villages were left by then, has been 5,000 years.
Legend of Pan Gu birthday on September ninth day, die from March three days, then twice a year based disk Temple temple, the duration of the next day. Annual Spring Festival is over, from all over the merchants, scaffolding,Area, stocking, negotiation and preparation for March 3rd temple; temple a casual, wooden chair monks to carrying out the line as the rain of Pangu. To be soaking rain fall, the farmers plant crops early crops. Fall, wait for the crops harvested, and merchants flocked from all over the country prepare for the temple on September ninth day, when is some lively scene: men and women, the temple monk, eight for the five elements, boat riding, gathered from.