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Jin Gangting located in Cangzhou the northeast corner of South County. Tang Shi Jingang Pavilion built as two, each for a block of bluestone respect of the carving. With Block 4 meters around to encircle. Both East and West opposite standing, wearing armor, shaped like warriors. East who cross mace chest, palms together. West were two hand mace handle to tip touching the ground. Each like a nostril. Carving fine, imposing, look fly, the treasures of the ancient stone carving.

It is recorded that the construction of the Ming dynasty, Xinghua Temple, from the front of the temple pond dug two Shijin Gang, placed within the Xinghua Monastery gate. After the war because of Bingxian, temples collapsed, the only remaining Shijin Gang. In 1964, the South County People';s GovernmentRehabilitation Jingang Ting, Provincial Government announced the "Shijin Gang" for the provincial key cultural relics protection units.