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14F ~ 37F
Overcast To Sunny
NE at 30km/h To 20km/h
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Renqiu in the northwest city of Cangzhou City, away from the nearest urban area 10 km Renqiu. Baiyangdian the "pearl of North China," with a total area of 366 square kilometers, is the largest freshwater lake in North China, and its beautiful natural scenery, unlike Shuitianyise large lakes, there are also different from the mountainous landscape matched reservoir.

Lake in the village, the village has lake, river lake connected to the water staggered field, the time when the opening closed, trenches reed strung together into a huge Baiyangdian water maze. Trinidad embankment south of Beijing, 130 km northeast from Tianjin, 120 km water area of 64.8 square kilometers, the willow-shaded Lotus Lu Fei, the fish diveBird Xiang. View of changing seasons, each with its absolute: spring birds diving, water lotus summer, autumn reeds woven gold, winter ice boat speeding, is the leisure resort.