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Kunming Kunming Zoo in the northern section of the tact of young mountain, one of eight scenic spots of Kunming. Yuantong Yamagata as a willow, something long and narrow north-south, with a total area of about 26 hectares, is watching the most abundant in Kunming City, the largest park visitors. Among them, the flowers wave, animals, temple is particularly attractive. Yuantong Hill about five meter higher than the urban areas, is to watch a good view of Kunming, one of the places around. Shannan cliff under the Yuan Tong Temple, the largest temple in Kunming city. Precise layout, symmetrical, the main highlight for the Spring City is one of outstanding ancient architecture.

<P> Park, beautiful scenery, mountains strange Shi Zhengrong, green trees, rare flowers and trees planted to form a spring, summer, autumn and winter to spend the four areas. Summer, lotus, water lilies grace; autumn, chrysanthemum Phi gold, Tan Kwai fragrance; winter cold wax Meiling, camellia red spit. Particularly praised the spring flower district, where the plants are cherry, Malus halliana thousands of plants such as trees and flowers, forming a cherry forest. Spring March, cherry blossoms here in Kunming';s a great pleasure.

Cherry blossom forest in the vicinity of zoological exhibition,The whole garden has 140 kinds of animals, the size of nearly a thousand. Yunnan is not only rare birds and animals, such as Xishuangbanna, elephants, bison, brown neck hornbill, Mengla tiger, black-tailed boa, northwest of the red panda, black gibbon, leopard, leaf monkey, peacock, etc. Ruili River; There are a variety of domestic and rare animals such as golden monkey, tiger, giant panda, the eagle, the Australian kangaroo, turkey, cougar, African zebra, giraffe and more.

10 minutes walk from the Yuan Tong Temple can be reached by called the "Lodge," the restaurant is very famous for its Zhaifan.

4,59,74,83,101 other bus ride to the tact Hill Station.


Tickets are 15 yuan, half price 7 yuan, 30 yuan monthly.
Opening hours:8:00-18: 00.