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Erhai Lake

Erhai called as "Ye Yu water", also known as "West er River," "Kun Mi River" is from the west er River collapsed to form the highland lakes, shape like the ear, although an area of no Dianchi Lake, a large, but because of water depth, water storage capacity than Dianchi Lake Tai. Cangshan Erhai Lake, mountains and rivers, the north end of town Eryuan River County, South only Dali Shimonoseki, altitude 1972 meters, north to south and 41.5 kilometers, an area of about 251 square kilometers, ... View Detail

Butterfly Spring

Butterfly Spring Lane in Cangshan peak of the cloud, 25 km from the city, 40 km from Shimonoseki, 25 km north from the ancient city of Dali. In the hearts of the Bai people, Butterfly Spring is a symbol of love, loyalty springs, each of the butterfly, Bai young men and women from all sides have come here, "try throwing a rock depth", with songs find their loved one. In Guo';s song "Butterfly Spring," poem, the narrative here, a long-term spread legend, the story is another interpretation of ... View Detail