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Yangcun Small World occupies 480 mus (a mu is a unit of area in China equal to 667 square kilometers). It is famous for fresh air and a strong country atmosphere. The design of the entire park, based on the natural plates of the earth, shrunk 115 attractions from 80 countries inside a park. All of the attractions are distributed reasonably and are well organized. Within one day, you can see many reproductions of famous sites from different countries.

Yangcun Small World is located in Yangcun Town in Wuze District, about 70 kilometers from Beijing to the north and 30 kilometers from Tianjin to the south, with Langfang in the west. It is next to Qing-hang Grand Canal and the entrance of Jingjin Highway.

Address: Yangcun Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin City., Tianjin

Price Range:  24yuan