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Qianling mountain park

Qianling mountain in the park was built in 1957, is a comprehensive tour of the park, the park towering old trees, Quan Qing Shi Qi, set on a plateau Aura, reach the top, "Kan Building Pavilion" overlooking the panoramic view of Guiyang. By Ming Shan, Silk, You Lin, temple, Quan, the famous Monkey. Qianling mountain park of mountain, forest, springs, lakes, caves, temples, animals in one, absolutely clear in the world, there is "expensive in the city, the United States in a natural," said. ... View Detail

Huaxi Park

Huaxi Park Tour Map Huaxi Park is located southwest of Guiyang City, Huaxi town, is a financial real san water, rural scenery, ethnic customs as one of the natural park, has always been a "plateau Pearl" reputation. Known as "China';s first love" flower River winds through this, the water crystal clear, surrounded by views out show. After the swim across the Huaxi Marshal Chen Yi, who left behind "real san water everywhere, Huaxi more natural layout. Shilihe Beach as bright as a mirror, a few ... View Detail

Riverside Park

Riverside Park is located southwest of downtown area of Guiyang, Yishanbangshui elegant environment, small and unique look. Flower bed, fish pond, art galleries, dance halls, recreation rooms patchwork, tower pavilions and recreational facilities set off in green leaves. Park has Nan Garden, Bamboo House, bamboo Gallery, bamboo pavilion, bamboo fence, a quiet of the bamboo world, rustic charm of village school of thick. Here is the visitors tea chess, enjoying a good place for rest,Many ... View Detail

Forest Park

Forest Park is located 2.5 km southeast of the city of Guiyang, Guizhou Academy of Forestry formerly Experimental Forest Farm. April 1960, when Premier Zhou Enlai to visit Guizhou, with its lush forests, many trees, spectacular views of the proposed forest park will be converted into a forest for visitors to visit other to enrich people';s cultural and spiritual life. Because of its large number of forest types, forest when the long, vast area, gurgling springs, rare birds come and go, ... View Detail

The southern suburbs Park

Park is located in the southwest corner of the southern suburbs of Guiyang city, the park was established in 1966, after years of building has taken shape, with the Riverside Park in downtown Guiyang, the city east of Forest Park, the city Qianling Park, together constitute Guiyang municipal park system. Park in the main karst topography, the park has the famous underground cave "Bailongdong" cave by cave body twists and turns, wall and karst coagulation is milky white, like a full disclosure ... View Detail

Tianhe Lake

Tianhe Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest suburbs of Guiyang City, 23 kilometers, 13 kilometers from the Huaxi, both within the scenic area of the male Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palace of the singular and the Huaxi of the show, set of waterfalls, springs, pools, rocks, holes and strange natural stone bridge in one. Is a typical karst landscape dominated by the cave, the cave is very strong artificial flavor. Tips: 1, Tianhe Lake area, and dry holes within the sub-tunnel, ... View Detail

Hongfeng Lake

Hongfeng Lake Tour Map Hongfeng Lake Scenic Area is located in central Guizhou Qingzhen, Pingba County. Lake area of 57 square kilometers, equivalent to 13 times the Beijing Ming Tombs Reservoir, a maximum depth of meters or more, is the largest artificial lake in Guizhou Province. Hongfeng Lake field surrounded by red maple, autumn, the maple leaf as fire, water gently, mutual interaction Yao lining, so it is called: "Superficial", quite poetic. Hongfeng Lake in size from the 192 scattered ... View Detail


Baihua Scenic Area is located northwest of Guiyang, about 22 kilometers from the city. The size of the lake, scattered over 100 islands, lakes and mountains to karst topography and natural landscape, where the water is clear, rugged rocks. Result resembles the Lijiang River in Guilin scenery, it is "small Guilin". Area at a total of more than 50 scenic spots, is now open for a 23, a pine forest overlooking the double monkey keep Park, Crab Island Lo Island, Cave, double flowers narrow peaks ... View Detail