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Qianling mountain in the park was built in 1957, is a comprehensive tour of the park, the park towering old trees, Quan Qing Shi Qi, set on a plateau Aura, reach the top, "Kan Building Pavilion" overlooking the panoramic view of Guiyang. By Ming Shan, Silk, You Lin, temple, Quan, the famous Monkey. Qianling mountain park of mountain, forest, springs, lakes, caves, temples, animals in one, absolutely clear in the world, there is "expensive in the city, the United States in a natural," said.
Qianling mountain on the growth ofMore than 1,500 species of trees, flowers and 1,000 kinds of rare medicinal herbs. Springs rock, everywhere, and a pack of monkeys and birds in this habitat.
Along the "Nine Labyrinth" climbing up to Hong Temple, the monastery late Ming and early Qing, Guizhou is one of the famous Buddhist temple. Philip Temple and the foothills and mountains Kirin Cliff Cave group, are at the provincial level key protection units. Anti-Japanese War, the patriotic generals Zhang Xueliang and Yang has been under house arrest in the Kirin hole. Leading to the winding trail this temple can be seen on the steep cliff stone base. That is the sparkling blue foot The Qianling Lake, the lake as a mirror, cruise little bit. There is a monument to revolutionary martyrs Lake, nestled among the pines and cypresses.

gfu.jpg "width = 210 align = right border = 0> Hong Temple
Key one of the national temple. Eleven years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1672) created by the pine monks. Along the "Nine Labyrinth" spiral winding, the round street, and can be reached. Magnificent temples temples, statues solemn, pagoda buildings, ancient trees. Path next to the Cliff without a break, where "Tiger" word more than 6 meters high, the book title Daishan Zhaode Chang, in fact, a famous painter Sunqing Yan Qing (Bamboo Ya) ghostwriter. Sihou Wang Ling Wang city as the stage (elevation 1270 m), has a "bird';s-eye built Pavilion", (Master Liu Haisu the spring of 1986 pro-book).

Martyr Monument
China / guiyang / image / jinianbei.jpg "width = 210 align = right border = 0>" liberation martyrs memorial in Guizhou ", built in 1956, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, the square area of 4200 square meters (square width Beiqian 64 meters, 34 meters long, can accommodate more than one). step 6 level, 58 bands, the highest level stood about 30 meters high monument, the monument engraved with the official script written in golden Li Zaiguang "liberationGuizhou immortal martyrs "Twelve words. Stone to the top two tiers, were tower, each floor has four feet Alice, under the semi-circular stone carved flowers and a bright red star. Beizuo square, surrounded by the middle of carving a wreath wreaths on both sides of the red silk tied to a certain degree of curvature of stretch on both sides, hanging down the side, carved on both sides of gear, rice, wheat a pattern. Triple stone steps were built with carved white marble columns, stone balustrades , 1.2 m high from Beizuo top, surrounded by carved white dove of peace holding two. patterns carved far-reaching: Gear symbol of the working class, as if driven gear rotating the whole Countries before turning to fly; rice, wheat symbolizing the peasant class benefits, but also a symbol of people';s happiness, prosperity of the motherland; garland the sustenance of the people on the bloody battles of the martyrs sacrificed their heartfelt thinking; dove symbolizes the country';s peace, peace; red star symbol of the great Chinese Communist Party.

p: / / / Resources / China / guiyang / image / jiuqujing.jpg "width = 210 align = left border = 0> IX Labyrinth
Philip Temple is a gateway to the Hill, Kangxi 27 years (1688) opened into the path. 54 years of Qianlong (1789) lieutenant-governor of Guizhou Province, provincial judge advocate Chan Tai Man rebuilt. Xianfeng 5 years (1855) MainAtman collect alms brake repair. After the founding of new China, People';s Government has grants broadened reinforcement. Labyrinth built by the mountain cliffs of stone from Vietnam, where the stone steps three hundred eighty-three, a dozen steps off, Shu Shibu one, the nine dangerous, "the" word Shui Po, Hong beginning of Temple Mount door, it said "nine" stone paths through quiet, shady glen, misty, the "Buddha Cave," "Blow Lo wall", "sound Cave", "willow Well," "wash bowl pool" "Bamboo Dragon" and other natural wonders, and "First Mountain," "scenic Qianling", "multi-line good, IBASE Yam Kung", "tiger" and other famous ancient carved stone and the "Pavilion", "Lingguan Pavilion "," a spring Pavilion "and other cultural landscape, from time to time there are monkeys on the street begging, even more fun, tour were all enjoyable.

Monkey parkjpg "width = 210 align = right border = 0>
"Monkey garden" was built in the 30';s, the original architecture on the West, including meeting rooms, guest houses and so on. April 9, 1941, Chiang Kai-shek, Chiang Ching-kuo and his son met with imprisoned in this hole in the Kirin Chang Hsueh-liang, and stay overnight. After the liberation, once here, Guiyang Municipal People';s Government as a temporary office space. Qianling Park was built in 1957, park, park management of the land that is classified. In 1985, government investment Carried out renovation on here, removal of the original guest house, accompanied with Chinese characteristics of the landscape corridor and south pavilions for visitors to rest and enjoy. Later, the wild monkey park in the backyard of this research, after more than ten years of unremitting efforts, research work was a success, more than 20 monkeys from the original only to the current development of the five groups, only 300 have been formed rare landscape. Here you can enjoy the fun of the wonders of human monkey, blow people away.

HEIGHT: 150px "height = 150 alt =" "hspace = 5 src =" "width = 210 align = left border = 0> unicorn hole
Kirin has a huge hole because of stalactite cave shaped like the unicorn, the ancient The hole is called Kirin. Back in 1530, built a temple before hole "Baiyi';an." And opposite the far right close, "Tan Spring" as the old one of the major attractions. 1941 and 1949, the patriotic generals Zhang Xueliang and General Yang Hu-cheng Chiang Kai-shek has been imprisoned there. The Government has allocated special funds established in 1996, Zhang and Yang, General Memorial. Now the provincial cultural relics protection units and municipal patriotism education base.

Qianling Lake
10px; HEIGHT: 150px "height = 150 alt =" "hspace = 5 src =" "width = 210 align = right border = 0 > Qianling Lake in 1954, made dams blocking stream Tai Law, the lake area of 28 hectares. In 1999, the city government to increase investment in the construction of the park, the lake dredging project completed Qianling, so the lake to increase storage capacity, the dam more stable, water is more clear. Tsui Wai Dai Suo, sparkling. Little lake cruise, cruise contented. Lake, Jingya pleasant. Profile bridge waterside, Luk Yeung Sun Bi Liu, Qian Shan Silk more views. Built in 1958, the "liberation of Guizhou Martyr Monument" stands majestically in the Qianling Lake West Bank. In 1999 the municipal government put into special funds to be transformed. Guardrail replacement for the white marble monument, granite square ground, lake white fence to the grass, around the monument to adjust the green vegetation,Recently, a more solemn monument.

Tips: 1, Lake Park, although the Qianling is artificial lake, the scenery is still pleasant, then into a lined Silk Mountain, a popular choice for summer summer.
2, into the park gates to the left, a cable directly to a large Luo Ling, older visitors can choose.
3, nine paths ofMacaque much money to spend 1 per pack food to feed their monkeys.
4, the park will be crowded holiday, it is recommended to drizzle or rain, do not have some fantastic.

Qianling mountain in the park is a national AAAA-class tourist area, located northwest of Guiyang city, factors "Qiannan first mountain," said the Qianling mountain is named.

Qianling mountain park in Guiyang city, accommodation is very convenient. In the range of 100 meters outside the gate, there Qianling Hotel (Samsung), Guizhou Howard Johnson Hotel (five stars), and GuizhouAutomobile Sales Company Guest House.


By 1,2,10,12,13,16,23,25,30 Guiyang city bus, or bus up to 61,62 Road.


Admission: 5 yuan / person (children under 1 meter free admission, but shall be accompanied by an adult);

Marine Aquarium: 30 yuanStudents 20 yuan, 60 yuan households (only 3 people, parents and children), more than 10 people 25 yuan / person;

Kirin hole: 5 yuan;

Philip Temple: 2 million;

Zoo: 5 yuan.

Qianling Lake Cruise: 15 RMB / hour.

Children';s playground: a major entertainment facilities 5-30 per month.

Dryland sled (near Monument): 30.

Lift ticket (to the bird';s-eye view overlooking the Pavilion building in Guiyang City King): 15 yuan one-way, 8 yuan for children under 1.3 meters (from 20 yuan, 10 yuan of children).

Opening hours 9:00 am-17: 00