The Egret Hotel

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CNY 366
4.2/5 Based on 942 Reviews

e01456196 said: Hotel location is very good, you can go directly to Zhongshan Road, near University, opposite the small glasses, seafood stalls is quite convenient.

cboss said: Very good. hotel is the star, it is estimated that 4 stars ... rich atmosphere. the key is a good location, very convenient.

Spy II said: I feel pretty good

welson2003 said: Which is very nice

lubo20416 said: Hotel good service, clean, quiet, good breakfast

mimigeng said: Stayed many times, it was very good, near the small glass stall, good, cheap, old hotel, good service

doreen8283 said: Good accommodation conditions, the price is affordable and is the best choice for traveling

adaili said: Old hotel, health, facilities, traffic convenient. staying at PC cards are broken, sometimes said swapping cards, up and down the stairs to toss a few back. March is centrally controlled hot air is running out, we had a room on the side,

m01817777 said: Hotel is clean, very spacious, good service.

E00111792 said: Good good good good good good good good!

mclyy2008 said: Military hotels in good

ariel1026 said: Meet live, nice

amamiya said: Which is very nice

LORETTA5555 said: Room ·· nice ···· out to dinner with easy ·· is the Botanical Gardens at the door ··

E02669351 said: Very nice, kind, breakfast is not much, breakfast 15 Yuan worth three or four years old boy.

celiay said: Well the second time

laott said: Hotel very quiet, nice

pengruby said: The hotel turned out to be troops, Deng yingchao, the surrounding geography well, to the Xiamen University and the South PuTuo Temple 10 Yuan by taxi, taxi to Terminal 15, room for larger facilities perfect, friendly kind, breakfast on the top floor, eat and enjoy views of the city, and live very comfortably. WIFI signal needs to be improved, underground parking inconveniences, poor ground parking lots.

jswxwangwei said: Room size can also is newly renovated with taste

tommytjm6612 said: Hotel location was very good, service was great! is the breakfast not enough to force

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Hotel description

Postcode:361003   Open:1985   Decorated:2010   Number of rooms:210  
The Egret Hotel (Bailu Binguan) is located in downtown Xiamen, near the Wanshi Arboretum, Huxi Rock and Zhongshan Park.

Rooms include satellite TV and internet access as well as complimentary toiletries. The on-site restaurant serves Western, Cantonese, Sichuan and local cuisine.

There is one multifunctional hall with 500 seats, two 70-seat conference rooms and three 50-seat conference rooms.

Other services and facilities include a sauna, gym, barbershop, beauty salon and shops.

Amenities & services

shopping mall beauty salon Disabled Rooms park place for free safety box coffee shop Chinese restaurant Western restaurant lobby bar Elevator
conference ticket laudary Business center exchange bellman luggage storage room service
Room Amenities
DDD hot water Free wash supplies hair dry slippers Desk outlets elericla mini bar independent shower Central air-conditioning
tea sauna foot massage
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Score:4.2/ out of 5.0
25th Feb,2018
Hotel service is general health. but the surroundings very good. is near from the Xiamen University.
[Stay in Business Twin Room]
21st Feb,2018
Feeling fine, eating shopping convenience
[Stay in Business Twin Room]
20th Feb,2018
Good location, all attractions are easy. bed 1.3 m wide, noise-less, voices of the corridor affected. opposite the small glasses seafood stall is strongly recommended.
[Stay in Business Twin Room]
20th Feb,2018
Convenient, not for breakfast.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
19th Feb,2018
The worst hotel experience. 1 Hotel parking is small, also has a bath Center, to there of guest also to parking. we of car in hotel parking was touch, driver side door in the lower part SAG and the top scraping, estimated is night compared late occurred of, security had said not know, monitoring see not to this location, and adjustable see monitoring need approval. because trip arrangements good has, we with morning duty of Security said has, let he reported on out has. night back, shiftSecurity said not know this thing, also not know morning reported no. several security has said traces above has dust, think is we himself in outside touch of, also has said may is with wall touch scraping of. we parking location is Deputy driving direction by wall, is wall is live of, is drunk has. has been pulled to night at 12 o'clock more. actually put first night at nine o'clock yihou appearances vehicles troubleshooting about on can found accident car. problem is who to dry does? they not dry, should is police or police of thing, haveReported, we didn't time consumption not up, this is key. Hotel Liu Director is is readily, to open a proved. but housing leak partial every rain, subsection 3rd early, brothers and children diarrhea, not know eat wrong has what, had to left quickly buy drug. actually not what event, but to shirk responsibility, various rhetoric, is no language has. later a wants to, open has proved, so and eggs (now learn of). on has, stay parking does free. 2 is a four star hotel? no smoking paperDisposable slippers are not to change, and slippers when we go out I came back is when I put it there, untouched, is resurfacing the bed. facilities in General, this larger left. no promotional materials of the city. 3 roaches (cockroach) repeatedly harass us, about five troops eliminated them. Xiamen before leaving a good impression, this time bringing their children to, huh.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
17th Feb,2018
Hotel very clean, good
[Stay in Business Twin Room]
14th Feb,2018
Four-stars hotel, is not flattering. Services and facilities are not up to old Samsung. in particular, poor breakfast ... not recommended. special room no.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
13rd Feb,2018
Hotel location is very good, go out and then there are many seafood restaurants prices affordable, there are a lot of fruit. but the hotel is an old hotel, over the old, bad overall environment more crowded parking. This chose this hotel wanted to relive childhood memories of 30 years ago, well basically no change!
[Stay in Business Twin Room]
12nd Feb,2018
Hotel location is very good, you can go directly to Zhongshan Road, near University, opposite the small glasses, seafood stalls is quite convenient.
[Stay in Standard Twin Room]
10th Feb,2018
Very good. hotel is the star, it is estimated that 4 stars ... rich atmosphere. the key is a good location, very convenient.
[Stay in Business Twin Room]

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