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Xiangcheng, Henan
70F ~ 77F
Light Rain
SW at
64F ~ 81F
Light Rain To Cloudy
SE at 20km/h To
68F ~ 82F
Cloudy To Light Rain
SE at 20km/h
70F ~ 75F
Light Rain To Moderate Rain
E at 20km/h To
70F ~ 77F
Heavy Rain
NW at
72F ~ 75F
Moderate Rain
N at 20km/h
The weather of past week:
7th Jul8th Jul9th Jul10th Jul11st Jul12nd Jul13rd Jul
75F ~ 95F73F ~ 95F72F ~ 90F77F ~ 90F68F ~ 81F66F ~ 75F70F ~ 84F
Cloudy To SunnySunny To CloudyCloudyCloudy To OvercastLight Rain To Heavy RainstormModerate Rain To CloudyCloudy To Overcast
SE at E at 20km/h To SE at E at 20km/hNE at 20km/hN at 20km/h To N at