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Qianshan, Jiangxi
68F ~ 84F
Cloudy To Light Rain
SE at 20km/h To
72F ~ 79F
Light Rain
N at 20km/h To 30km/h
68F ~ 84F
Light Rain To Light Rain - Moderate Rain
NE at 20km/h
68F ~ 79F
Moderate Rain
S at 20km/h
68F ~ 79F
Light Rain
W at 20km/h
68F ~ 79F
Light Rain To Overcast
SE at 20km/h
The weather of past week:
13rd Apr14th Apr15th Apr16th Apr17th Apr18th Apr19th Apr
61F ~ 63F57F ~ 70F57F ~ 73F55F ~ 68F55F ~ 81F64F ~ 86F68F ~ 79F
Light RainLight RainOvercast To Light RainLight Rain To FogSunnySunny To ThundershowersThundershowers To Overcast
SW at 20km/hE at To 20km/hE at 20km/h To W at 20km/h To SW at To 20km/hS at To 20km/hNE at 20km/h To