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Guilin, Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Crags are two famous caves, although both belong to the same RONGSHI cave, but different styles, the former exquisite magnificent, which is magnificent. Reed Flute Cave mainly exquisite, magnificent, illusory known. The cave is like a precious stones, coral, jade Diaoqi from the grand, magnificent underground palace, was praised as the "Palace of the nature of art."

The highest point inside the cave, 18 meters, maximum width of 93 meters, run 500 meters, the cave features colorful, strange, there are from the holeThe top of the stone hanging milk, from the ground up with the growth of stalagmites, stone-made milk and stalagmite pillars connected. There has been carved into different shapes the nature of Shiman, stone sticks, stone flowers, stone waterfall and so on. Some of the stone within the air, beat the sweet sound will be issued when, according to the level of their voices were called Qin Shi, Shi Gu, stone bell.

Inside there by these ever-changing, vastly different composition of the four Cave stalactites: "Shiman storied", "Tianzhu Yunshan," "Crystal Palace" and "Labyrinth Gallery." When visitors exposure to "the lionRidge glow "," high Gorge Waterfall "," Ta Song Aoxue "and 30 places on the landscape when the mysterious unreal, as if traveling around the world in general mythology.

Reed Flute Cave not only has beautiful scenery, but also has a rich cultural heritage. Ancient cave wall were found in one hundred and seventy books, many of them are scholars, monks and visitors of the title, poems, authors are from all over the country, the main theme of the tour notes. Can be seen as early as the Tang Dynasty a thousand years ago Reed Flute Cave has become a tourist attraction.

Holes from the name
Reed Flute Cave in the past often come and go wild cats and small animals, so called "wildcat rock." Lo Tik was clustered near the hole because of the grass, the grass made by the flute, blowing up and mellow sound, such as Sound of curl, and if the mountain stream water, so people put the holes were changed to "Reed Flute Cave." Once the haunt of wild beasts, has now become a "fairyland", known as the "underground palace of art."

Reed area from the highest mountain in Guilin - Hou';s most beautiful mountains and caves - Reed Flute Cave and the Peach Blossom River, aromatic composition of pond water features such as water, mountainWater dependent, forming a perfect pastoral landscape pictures.


Guilin is located in the northwest, 5 km from the city center.

Road can take bus 3 or 58 road free car.


Admission: 60 yuan.

Hours 4-October high season (7:30-18:00); November-March shortSeason (8:00-17:30).