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Spring Huishan Dong Lu Hui Lu Yu for being named "the world is the second spring" and legendary. Erhu song, "Reflection of the Moon", that is, the blind folk artists Bing in Huishan fountain with his experience and written, and thus benefit the flip of spring at home and abroad.
Symmetrical shape of the Song Dynasty lotus bridge, carved, culture, heritage value are considered superior. StandAt the foot of Xishan minarets over four centuries, the dragon has been the city';s landmark attractions in Wuxi building. Yu Huangdian, the first Taoist Mao feng Oz, is a traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism gathering of three cultures and precipitation areas.
The Chi Chang Yuan Ming Dynasty to the superb garden art and become a model of Chinese classical gardens. There Hui Shansi, Yin park attractions.
Historical sites:
nbsp; early as four or five thousand years ago in the Neolithic Age, Xishan ancestors have lived in this life, shining the light Majiabang culture. Qin Shi Huang had stationed themselves in this garrison, and other relics left Qin dock. Han Qiao, after a passenger was Tateishi in Xishan, the Ming said: "There are tin soldiers, world war; Wuxi, Nanjing, the world is clear." Wuxi adding mystery to the origins of place names.
Qianlong and Huishan:
Here is the Qianlong EmperorCruise to Wuxi Jiangnan under six will be the favorite to land. Qianlong ordered the artist according to the description, returned to Beijing after a garden in the Summer Palace replica named "Huishan Park", Ji Jin Garden of Harmonious Interests, Chinese garden to open successful "clone" of precedent.
Best Travel Time:
Xihui spots held every year in the spring festival of traditional folk culture Huishan, the time, there are eight temples in the city of Wuxi to be carrying the "master" the will. North Korea together to HuishanWorship. April and May, the cherry blossoms, azaleas in full bloom is even more charming.

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Park, nestled in the Grand Canal, Forest, Xishan, Huishan the building, between two mountains, as reflected, for Lake. Huishan by Emperor Qianlong as the "First Jiangnan Mountain" is Huishan Mountains Xishan, Wuxi Xishan names of origin and has a special origin.

Xihui spots are the national, provincial and municipal units to 18, accounting for Wuxi City, 23% of units to be protected. Song, Yuan and Qing Dynasties, ancient said today.

Xihui winsKing bird';s eye view


Wuxi Huishan Zhijie 2

2,4,10,15,16,56,81,83,88,208,216 Road bus, sightseeing bus to Xihui Park or the South China Sea fishing stop.



Xihui Park Tickets (historic district DoorVotes) 40. Night tickets 20 yuan, including Chi Chang Yuan, Huishan heritage area, Erquan College, the world second spring, sipping tea and watching drama, listening to folk music. Opening hours: May 18:00-22:00 early to late October.

60 per ticket with "Zoo + monument" and "cable + monument" two, cable ropeway to take the park between the Hui Mao hill climbing peaks.