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Li Yuan covers an area of 123 acres, of which about two-fifths water area, known to water features. Step inside the thousands of Liyuan quite interesting gallery, said the wall of each window lattice pattern is different.
This is a quite landscape park south local characteristics of the "Shikumen" building, formerly the "Fishing Village" the door, the building changed several times, into the present style, Li Yuan turned into the main entrance.
<STRONG> Nanti Nanti Chun Xiao Fang Tang Pavilion at Four Seasons, the semi-circle around the park, planting more than 400 strains of peach, willow more than 300 strains. The Department of the early 30s, Yu Chen Meifang building through real fishing village for the building when the Hudi.
Ghost wave layer is a famous South Liyuan garden water features, as the come from behind "layer wave stack shadow" area, the content can not be separated from the name to "water" theme.
<STRONG> "Star Lake" amusement park: will be officially opened on September 28, the whole amusement park in the world';s first "Water Wheel" of Taihu Lake star as the center, including the water wheel, pirate ship, carousel, Devil War God, forest treasure hunters, including five recreational projects. Each individual ticket rides, Ferris wheel 60 yuan / person, Corsair 20 yuan / person, merry 10 yuan / person, the Devil God of War 20 yuan / person, forest treasure hunters 10 yuan / person, 110 per ticket / person . Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00.

&nbsp; historical background:
Spring and Autumn period to help the country re-Fan Li Yue King Gou Jian, the day seventh day in July, to bring beauty beauty boating Hermitage village in Wuli Lake, which in the beautiful lakes and mountains, the ages handed down a good thing.
Early Republic, Yu Qing Qi through the real village in the Lake Jianqing Qi Eight, known as "the picturesque scenery of the area." 1927 to 1936, with the villagers in Yu Yu Wang Qing with the help of his son, Using the original foundation, built Li Yuan; 1930, relatives of Wang Chen Meifang to build on its west side "fishing village", also known as "Race Li Yuan."

Li Hu, Li Lake is located in the beautiful scenery of the coast, is a national key scenic spot area "of Taihu Lake," one of the main attractions. According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Dr. Yue Fan Li-kai, boating beauties of this, the lake got its name from person to person, named for the lake park.


Station K1, k82 way up. Another bus: 77 Road, 1, 72 Road, 103 Road, 59 Road

Li Yuan Zhongshan Road to the taxi about 30 yuan (13 km)



Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7:00 to 9:00 for one hour per shift on the lake.

45 yuan (including the sea lion show), 60 yuan (including antique boat trip on the lake too Lihu time of 30 minutes, or with high-speed boats on the lake by boat in about four minutes.)

Lake Cruise: 20 yuan per visit Lihu scenery (full four-Bit sailing); price for children under 1.2 meters of 10 yuan per person. 20 yuan for each bound for Chinatown; Xiandao charter bound for Lake 400; Yuantouzhu charter bound for Lake 250.