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It reverberates with the buckling southern gardens, the layout of the characteristics of magic creation, but also through the mountain, harmony of nature, and thus has a unique rustic style of the Qing Kuang. Stream Park in octave, seven bridges, know that the fish bar, Yu disk Gallery, Jiashu Tang, Han virtual pavilion and other buildings.
The eastern foot of the mountain for the rockery by Huishan Mountains form, and structure Qu Jian, cited "Erquan" Underground River Notes which, gurgling sound, the Bank said, "octave Stream", the front curved pool "Yi Jin sink." And Yu Panting gallery, know that the fish enclosures, seven bridges, pavilions and Qing Yu HanbiGallery and other institutions are around the water, and rockeries side by side.
Chi Chang Yuan';s success lies in her "nature of the mountains, beautiful water, concise park, antique trees, clever King." Qing Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor had traveled here several times, repeatedly poem. Summer Palace in Beijing within the Garden of Harmonious Interests, Summer Palace the Kuoran Emirates (also called fasting Double-Crane), are the imitation of Chi Chang Yuan Huishan built.

Recommended Tour Routes:
Chi Chang Yuan hall - Phoenix Valley Bank Waterloo - Bing Auditorium - with Ching Chai - Kowloon Lions Taiwan - octave Stream - Ka ShueHall - Meeting along the Kam Yi - the first month pavilion - lying Yuntang - Royal Beiting - Beauty Stone - Ling Xu Court - Yu disk Gallery - know that the fish enclosures - Seven Bridges - Step Crane Beach - o-Van Court

Historical background:
The original owner of Chi Chang Yuan Qin Jin, a famous poet in Song Dynasty Guan descent, so also known as Qin Park. The park is spread to the third generation owner of a major change when the Qin Yao construction. Chun Chun started ponds, Xing civil, plant flowers, heap rockery, twenty-seven years of Wanli completion, into a landscaped 20.
Kangxi Dynasty, Qin Yao Sun Guanglu doctor had QIN algae, please Stones Giant was a famous teacher, Zhang Lian Hua Ting and his nephew, alteration of Chi Chang Yuan, re-arrange the layout of the original, so that more abundant landscaped, Chi Chang Yuan while famed at home and because of this conversion. Kangxi six southern tour, each in clear streets of Chi Chang Yuan. 1751, Emperor Qianlong';s southern tour, before the specified clear streets of Chi Chang Yuan in the future Qianlong';s southern tour, also have come to the Qin Park, poetry Ode.

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Chi Chang Yuan is the southern foothills of the famous Ming Dynasty garden villa, located in the Huishan Dong Lu, Xihui Park, near Hui Shansi. Wuxi is the only national key protection units.


In Huishan Dong Lu, Hui Shansi north Xihui Park within.

Bus 2,4,10,15,16,56,81,83,88,91,208,216,801 Road, travelXihui Park tour bus to the restaurant or the bus stop.



Included within the Xihui Park. Xihui Park Tickets (historic area tickets) 40. Night tickets 20 yuan, including Chi Chang Yuan, Huishan heritage area, Erquan College, the world second spring, sipping tea and watching drama, listening to folk music. Opening hours: May 18:00-22:00 early to late October.

60 per ticket with "Zoo + Monuments"And "cable + monument" two, cable ropeway to take the park between Mao Feng Hui hill climbing.