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Yangcheng Lake Lotus Island

Lotus Island in Yangcheng Lake (famous for hairy crab) is famous for its fields of rapeseed. The flowers are everywhere, around quaint farmhouses and wooden bridges; wooden boats ply the streams. Wooden plank paths make it possible to walk among the golden flowers. The best vantage point for viewing flower fields is on the north side of the island. Many people hire a speedboat and go ashore at ports on the south side of Lotus Flower Island; then they walk or take a bicycle through the fields ... View Detail

Suzhou Jinji Lake

There are eight neighborhoods with diverse water and landscape expressions encircling Jinji Lake.Each neighborhood has its own identity. Neighborhoods on the western and northern shores, closer to the city of Suzhou, feature broad promenades that attract residents and workers to the water's edge. Waterfront parks are adjacent to shopping, entertainment, and cultural destinations. These neighborhoods have names like Cityside Harbor, Marina Cove, Grand Promenade, and Arts and Entertainment ... View Detail

Tiger Hill

A famous Song Dynasty poet, Su Shi said, 'It is a lifelong pity if having visited Suzhou you did not visit Tiger Hill.' This epitomises the general opinion of those who have seen this local beauty spot with its many attractions that we shall endeavour to describe for you. Tiger Hill, known also as Surging Sea Hill, is a large hillock covering some14100 square metres (over three acres) and is 36 metres (118 feet) in height. Climbing the hill, you will find a number of historical sites ... View Detail

Tin Ping Shan

The Flat-top Hill (Tian Ping Shan) is one of the main scenes of the Mudu Scenic Spot of National Taihu Lake Scenic and Historic Spot. It is 14 kilometers west to Suzhou city with an elevation of 221 meters. Although it is high and steep, it is flat at the top, from which its name is got. The Flat-top Hill is famous for the three superb grotesque rocks, clear fountains and red maples. The grotesque rocks are jagged and precipitous like tablets held before the breasts by the officials in the ... View Detail

Lingyan Hill

Introduction Lingyan Mountain tourism area, located in the northwest of the Mudu County, Jinan City, is 32 Kilometers away from the Changqing County, its main building is Buddhist sacred place-Lingyan Temple. It is famous for its long religious history and deep cultural meanings, so it was said that it is meaningless if you visit Tai mountain no Lingyan. Lingyan tourism area the winter and spring are dry, and the summer and autumn are humid. The annual average temperature is 14.7 degree, it is ... View Detail

Stone Man Mountain

Previous Shigong hill has two stone rocks , slouch man is "stone man ", the other is "stone woman ". They standing relative , the legend of that , they miss the sister-in-law day and night . So "Shi Gong" in the name derived from these. Watch from Shigong Hill's lake of southwest , faintly visible mountains, towering ups and downs. The Attractions: orange pavilion, Imperial Mexican Pavilion, Duanshan Pavillion , Guiyun hole, Yixian hole, Moon slope, aerial ... View Detail

Tianchi Hill

Tianchi altitude of 1630 meters, the water area of 11,000 square meters, with an average depth of 5.3 m, China's third largest alpine lakes, following Changbai Mountain Tianchi and Tian Mountain Tianchi , the Central Plains alpine lakes. Tianchi Lake surrounded by mountains and forest , 1050 acres Metasequoia forest and Japanese larch forest, creating a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery, the anion content of up to 73,000 per square centimeter, which is 3650 times that of the city, ... View Detail

Shek Wu

Introduction Stone lake lying 7 km to the southwest of the Suzhou city, the Stone Lake Scenic Area is the place where the great Song poet Fan Chengda o­nce lived in seclusion. By the side of the lake is the Shangfang Hill. At the top of the hill is the Lengjia Pagoda dating from the Song Dynasty. To the east of the lake is farmland crisscrossed by canals. To the west of the lake are rolling hills. The Xingchun Bridge with nine arches by the northern shore of the lake looks like a long ... View Detail

Forest area housing hole

Linwu Cave Linwu Cave located on a lakeside in the east of Xishan. The roof of the cave is quite flat, and there are numerous stones in it. The cave is known as "the ninth cave under heaven". It is an important place for Taoism activities in ancient times. For centuries Linwu Cave has been considered a sacred spot by Doaists and not too long ago it was well known for turning out mild mannered monks that could kill you with one hand using their Tiger-style Kung Fu. There are still ... View Detail

Western Hills Moon Bay

The Old Village of Ming Yue Wan lies the south of Xishan Island. It is now a local protected heritage. 2,500 years ago, a Wu State Emperor from theSpring and Autumn Periodviewed the full moon during the Mid-autumn Festival with famous Chinese beauty Xi Shi. The island got the first character of her name. Old ferry piers, ancient agricultural scenes and ancestral temples fromMingandQingDynasties are worth to see. View Detail