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Yunnan Railway Museum

Kunming, Yunnan Railway Museum located in the North train station, is the theme of the history of railway development in Yunnan comprehensive museum, library and rolling stock equipped with integrated Hall. Museum Zengxianhoubei as "bases for patriotic education of the national railway," "patriotic education base in Yunnan Province" and "popular science education base in Yunnan Province." Vietnam Railway in Yunnan Railway Museum condensed section of meter gauge railway in Yunnan century of ... View Detail

Yunnan Nationalities Museum

Yunnan Nationalities Museum in 1503, Dianchi Road, Kunming, located in Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort, and the Ethnic Village, adjacent to the city about 9 kilometers from Kunming. Museum exhibition area of 30,000 square meters building, the overall layout of the buildings was the courtyard gallery style, history and culture of Yunnan ethnic minorities and display the most concentrated collection of sites, is also China';s largest national class museum. Yunnan Nationalities Museum of ... View Detail


If the long history, influence, in terms of incense of-sheng, Qiongzhusi as its first. In addition, the sleek, five hundred Chinese and foreign Lohan';s known far and wide colorful here, Qiongzhusi Dali Shan is said to explain the government';s high-light, the provision of high intellectual brothers. Qiongzhusi located 12 kilometers from Kunming City case mountain jade and Buddhist resort of Kunming. Traffic 7 Road ride in the loess slope, with a 7 way can be Qiongzhusi. ont-weight: bold; ... View Detail

Hua Ting Temple

Huating Temple of the gate is a three-story tall Xiongjun Chinese Diange, shoulder to shoulder with the vigorous trees. Some of the door hanging on both sides of a couplet, points to the pride of many visitors Yi Xing. Huating Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the famous Buddhist temple in Kunming. Traffic Huating Temple at Western Hills Park, 6 Way in the city can be reached by bus. Tickets 40 yuan View Detail

Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities Village is located 9 kilometers south of Kunming area, close to Lake, and the Western Hills Forest Park, Daguan, Zheng and parks, and other famous scenic spots across the riser. This spring-lake, charming natural and cultural landscape and rich ethnic customs melting one, is to demonstrate the culture and customs of all ethnic groups in Yunnan window. Yunnan Nationalities Village, a natural village-style architecture of the main ethnic, financial landscape, Silk tree as a ... View Detail