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Celebrity Garden Anhui

Hefei, Anhui Province, also known as Hall of Fame, is a set of entertaining, informative, fun and participation in one of the important bases. Hefei Shushan in the western suburbs of large scenic areas, building area of over 20,000 square meters, display area of 8,000 square meters. The Government of Anhui Province, Hefei, the 50th anniversary of the government to meet key construction projects, is the first local celebrity hall membership, the country';s largest exhibition hall holographic ... View Detail

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery is located east of a lane Mingjiao. Formerly known as erlangmiao, 1987 due to urban renewal, moving here, and renamed the Po Lin Monastery. Gate on the "Monastery" three golden characters, the original president of the National Buddhist Association Zhao title the book, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy Temple in the gilded statue. The former abbot of the temple after the death of Master Sheng Hai Hao Lin is currently the abbot by the monks and nuns. Po Lin Monastery in front ... View Detail

Hefei Mosque

Determined mosque is located in the Great East Gate Lane. North Shouchun Road, south of the Huaihe River Road, and Mingjiao Temple right close the sea, is to impart religious knowledge and the gathering of Muslim prayer for the community. Tang Takenori Siheung, the growing Muslim since the Yuan Dynasty, Temple s growing. Hefei County says: Salmonella lineage Yiyun Zuha Ji Gongqin days before monitoring began in the Ming Yongle to live in the south of Hefei Youfang Lane. Ding Jia Street mosque ... View Detail

Luzhou Temple House

Located in the middle of the road Huoqiu, facing south; covering 4,000 square meters, construction area of 2,000 square meters. Woo the right was built in Northern Song Dynasty Emperor three years (1051). Flagpole stands a large temple, mountain lions gate relative, gate three, so the five penthouse; Theater five, both sides of the penthouse of the four; hall three, both sides of the penthouse of the five; Goddess Temple three, both sides of the penthouse all three. Between the hall and opera ... View Detail