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Jade Fei (Eight Diagrams Field)

Jade Emperor Hill faces the West Lake in the north, is close to the Qiantang River in the south, connects the Nanping Mountain and the large Cizhu Mountain in the west. The hill is upstanding and towering. There are always clouds and mist winding around its top, so people name this scenic spot as "Clouds Scurrying over Jade Emperor Hill". Early in Liang Dynasty of South Dynasty, there were Buddhism temples built in Jade Emperor Hill, and the hill was fully developed in the time of Wuyue State ... View Detail

Dongming Mountain Forest Park

Forest Park is located 20 kilometers from Hangzhou. It occupies 60 hectares (148 acres) of land, and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the beautiful forests and bamboo groves of the Hangzhou region. Walking paths wind through the park past waterfalls, lakes and deep ravines, and the air is fragrant with wildflowers in the warmer months. Cuizhu Mountain Lodge, located inside the park, has standard guest rooms, luxury suites, a multi-purpose hall and conference room. ... View Detail

Lingfeng plum

Lingfeng plum, located west of West Lake, Qing Zhi Lingfeng foot dock, Hangzhou Botanical Garden. Later Jin Dynasty built a fortune years Lingfeng Temple. There Chui-mei Court, Mian Yun Tang, Miao-high platform, wash bowl pools. The early of Wanli, Temple defeated, Monks scattered, the only remaining temple. Jiaqing, the Zhejiang Wei Lin Kai are rehabilitation Lingfeng Temple, surrounded by more than one hundred plant plum trees. Xuantong slope and planted the first year of Zhou Mei dream of ... View Detail

Phoenix Hill

Phoenix Mountain is located in the southeast corner of West Lake Scenic Area, 178 meters above sea level, was north-south extension, just like in the East Phoenix wings to fly, then left the West Lake, Qiantang River swept wing, hovering between heaven and earth. Sui, Tang, Wu Yue, Northern Song Dynasty, the foot has to Fengshan county, state, local government and the palace, the Southern Song Dynasty capital in Hangzhou, and a large selection in the mountain building (Imperial), since ... View Detail

Five Yunshan

Lushan Mountain is so close to Po Yang Lake, one of south subsidiaries to Yangtze River, which makes Lu Mountain an average of 193 foggy days in a year. And the tea is growing on the remains of the glacier in the U-shaped valley with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters on Lu Mountain. Lu Mountain Yun Wu has been accepted as a "tribute" to emperors since Song Dynasty (960-1279). Five Yunshan Longjing tea leaves are also the origin of the visible layers of tea fields around the valley and ... View Detail

Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds

Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds refers to South Peak and North Peak at the West Lake Scenic Spot. In reality, neither peak is very high. South Peak is 256.9 meters (843 feet) in height, and North Peak is 355 meters (1,165 feet). They face each other across a distance of about 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). The natural scenery here is exceptionally beautiful, especially when it is cloudy or after a rainfall. At that time, only the two tips of the peaks can be seen in the thick fog. It looks as if the ... View Detail


Yuhang, Hangzhou is located in the northeast, the southern tip of the Grand Canal, Hangzhou is the first leg of travel west. Forest area ranks first in eight districts of Hangzhou, is every inch a forest city. Yuhang is building now to focus on protected areas Liangzhu culture to culture, tourism and leisure tourism development pattern featuring the form to Huang Shan, over the Hill of White Lake as the representative of the eastern tourist areas to Liangzhu Culture Village, East Ming-Shan ... View Detail


Xiaoshan has a large tourist theme park, "Hangzhou Paradise", in which boats can enjoy surfing, beach treasure hunt, color boat parade, Huayang Hua water shows and other programs. If you want to put it another taste, dry farm families living in the mountains, eating rice farmers, and villagers to share the joy of harvest. In addition, the Oriental Culture Park will take you to the ancient oriental garden, religion, health and culture, the mysterious temple. The world will make the odd ... View Detail

Lake barometer

The West Lake like spring all the year round ,beautiful scenery, such as below picture : View Detail

Tiger dream of spring

New Xihu one of ten scenery, located at Xihu south, greatly kind Shan Dinghui in imperial sacrifices temple.The folk spreads the beautiful myth, Ming Songlian, in "Tiger Runs Spring Inscription" in the foreword wrote: "Tang Yuan and 14 years (A.D. 819 years), natural spatial master comes You Cishan, the happy its divine and wonderful spirit plate is strongly fragrant, roosts imperial sacrifices in which. Seeks by anhydrous, his it. The Daoist immortal kneels suddenly considers ... View Detail