The Waterhouse At South Bund Shanghai

1-3 majiayuan Road, in der Nähe Zhongshan South Road und Wai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China.Karte anzeigen >
CNY 1955
4.3/5    253 Bewertungen

feifei0506 said: A hotel with good feeling ~ it's good to stay here next time. Take a taxi and all kinds of small drinks in the refrigerator are free. It's very comfortable and quiet

aisun6767 said: The environment is very good, the decoration is very good

terry7439 said: Simple, good

JOLENETTA said: fabulous

jameslaurel said: Almost because the online comments didn't book this hotel, the comments were a little too black! I stopped with a try attitude! The front desk was very considerate and helped me upgrade the room. The decoration was very attentive, the details were very good, and the service was very good! A hotel worth recommending! I will stay in this hotel when I go to Shanghai on business!

issey said: like

ice fish said: stick

yilong said: like

Gerle said: Very good

carrier00 said: good evnironment, great food, friendly staff, peaceful

fanfanafanfan said: Very good, the service was also very good

afemetalbeijing said: It really deserves its reputation

rainmorning713 said: Very good

guodiwu said: Good, good

cece01 said: The overall feeling is very good. There are a lot of delicious food around and the environment is good. Opposite is the wharf and the sunshine beach

nicebee999 said: good

bw315_0 said: hao

leide said: Very comfortable and considerate, the environment is very elegant, so that the check-in people feel very happy and relaxed

vovo White Rabbit said: It's very good. The restaurant is also great. The old workshop has been transformed and has a great sense of design

daijp said: Very exquisite detail design!

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Standard Room

  • 18.2 sqm
  • Bett
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1*Double bed 1.5m

Standard Roo,m

  • 29 sqm
  • Bett
  • 1 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1*Double bed 1.5m

River Junior Courtyard

  • 22-29 sqm
  • Bett
  • 1-2 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1*Double bed 1.5m

Bund Junior

  • 28-30 sqm
  • Bett
  • 3 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. 1*Double bed 1.5m

Courtyard Suite

  • 32-55 sqm
  • Bett/Zwilling
  • 1-2 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY575/night
  2. 1*Double bed 1.8m or 2*Single bed 1.1m

River View Studio Suite

  • 43 sqm
  • Bett
  • 1-2 F
  1. Extra Bed: CNY575/night
  2. 1*Double bed 1.8m

Suit with balcony

  • 40 sqm
  • Bett
  • 2 F
  • No Smoking Room
  1. Extra Bed: CNY575/night
  2. 1*Double bed 1.8m

Banks Suit

  • 37-42 sqm
  • Bett
  • 3 F
  • No Smoking Room
  1. Extra Bed: CNY575/night
  2. 1*Double bed 1.8m


Postleitzahl:200011   Eröffnet:2010   Anzahl Zimmer:19   Geschäftsviertel:Yuyuan District
The Waterhouse At South Bund Shanghai, Es befindet sich an der No. 1-3 majiayuan Road (in der Nähe der äußeren Straße), am Westufer des Flusses Pujiang, wo Sie die herrliche Landschaft des Flusses Pujiang genießen können;Das Hotel liegt neben dem neu renovierten 16.Geschäft, umgeben von alten Kai Creative Park, Naturmuseum, Chenghuang Tempel und Xiaonanmen Station der Linie 9;Hervorragende Lage und bequemer Transport.Es ist ein Wahrzeichen Gebäude im Südbund mit einzigartigem Temperament und einzigartigem Stil.Das Hotel verfügt über alle Arten von Boutiquen, mit Concept-Restaurants, Bars, Open-Air-Bühne und anderen modischen Aktivitätsorten, was den Gästen eine neue blendende Erfahrung von 'Essen, Trinken und Spielen' bringt.

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Frühstückspreis: CNY100($14.8) / Stück
Frühstücksart: Buffet
Anreise: ab 14:00      Abreise: bis 12:00
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Häufig gestellte Fragen im The Waterhouse At South Bund Shanghai

Ergebnis:4.3/ von 5.0
big apple
It's reserved for colleagues. How to say, it has style. Those who like this taste will naturally feel good, and those who don't like it will pick out a lot of problems. No business, petty bourgeoisie.
[Stay in River Junior Courtyard]
A hotel with good feeling ~ it's good to stay here next time. Take a taxi and all kinds of small drinks in the refrigerator are free. It's very comfortable and quiet
[Stay in Standard Roo,m]
All corners of the hotel are being decorated. They started knocking early in the morning and can't sleep at all. The corridor is full of decoration garbage. No one clears it. After returning the room, they have to leave the hotel. Some workers are preparing to repair the door, but they don't start, but let the guests stand at the door and wait for him to finish. Rare bad comments!
[Stay in Courtyard Suite]
I'm a little disappointed. The room is really small. Although old is the characteristic of the hotel, it will feel unclean. There is mold next to the washstand because it is made of wood. There is a piece of OK binding on the floor of the bathroom that sticks without cleaning it. How can people who want to wear socks break the design of slippers? I can't feel the value of five stars. There is a public toilet opposite the hotel, which is quite speechless, although I don't smell anything in winter.
[Stay in Standard Room]
The environment is very good, the decoration is very good
[Stay in Standard Room]
They didn't clean it up. The countertop was covered with dust.
[Stay in Standard Roo,m]
The cost performance is quite poor... I don't know where the so-called suite is. It's clearly a room. Facilities and equipment are also average. I'm absolutely sorry about the price. The so-called river view is to stand at a window, think about your feet, see a little from a distance, not a view! Breakfast is also ordinary. It is a set meal with few choices.
[Stay in River View Studio Suite]
The appearance of the hotel is really insignificant, and even feels shabby. In fact, the transportation around the hotel is not very convenient. It is a certain distance from the rail transit station. The nearest one should be Fuxing East Road ferry station. The lobby of the hotel is very tall relative to the whole building, three stories high. The water house should belong to a design hotel or boutique hotel. This time, we stayed in the terrace suite on No. 21. It should be said that the whole space layout design is original. The room area is not very large, but the design cleverly uses the door and curtain of the wardrobe to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space. At the same time, it also uses the daylighting advantage of the terrace to introduce the light into the shower area. The terrace is also very simple. There are two chairs and a round table. The table is dusty and should not be wiped often. The table No.1 by Jason Atherton on the first floor of the hotel tastes great. The price is small and expensive because there is a service charge of 10 [%]. If it doesn't rain, the open-air bar on the roof will open at 6 p.m. with a good view. Now the area north of the old wharf is the construction site. I believe the scenery will be better after the comprehensive treatment project in the Shiliupu area is completed.
[Stay in Suit with balcony]
Simple, good
[Stay in Standard Roo,m]
[Stay in River View Studio Suite]


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