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tsuitsui said: All hotels! clean! convenient! so good!;)

ArnoldC said: good

Eugene1984 said: Well, sleep till morning light.

foureyes00 said: Hotel is very convenient room in the dongmen commercial area is relatively large price reasonable

fairybb said: All right

LeslieMei said: That's good!

fdd8110 said: Very good

bennylf said: ? Steel purchase and sale contract the first party (buyer):? Party (seller): Guangzhou Hui trade limited? In accordance with the People's Republic of China contract law and relevant regulations, party, both parties in a spirit of equality, mutual benefit, reciprocity principle, party a to party b buy steel pipes reached the following agreement; Party a location and name for the project; ? Location; --Jiangcheng district of Yangjiang city, Guangdong province? name;? Yangjiang Gabriel PlazaTwo means of Exchange; 1, the life of the contract, party a written or SMS notify 6 days in advance, fax or any other means under orders from party b, and specify a warehouse? For receipt of delivery note sent by the seller, the acts done on behalf of the party have to be recognized. in addition to the representatives, other persons except as specifically authorized in writing by party a, is not entitled to exercise the right of the party under the contract. 2, during the term of the contract, required to notify by order of party a party b buy steelMaterial specifications, quantity, party b shall, in accordance with the order within 6 days of pipe required for the party and served on both the designated location if there are special reasons cannot be delivered by the second party shall within 24 hours notify the party. 3, party a party b's pipe after service, should be counted, check specification, verification, confirmation party sign on the delivery form or delivery, the delivery or supply bills, as the party settled on both sides of valid documents. 4, bHolding company: Zhu Bo, or Li Tiegen signed payment, or payment directly by the party into the designated account, the receipt issued and stamped by the company. other receivables was invalid. Three steel pricing and payment: 1, single party after each quotation confirmation shall prevail on both sides. 2, metering mode: all weigh heavy. 3, payment: until September 30, 2015 b payment for steel on October 3, 2015The event, after September 3, 2015, paid in monthly payments in the months before the 3rd, and so on. Four, the place of delivery, way; Each batch of steel location of the place of delivery specified in this contract shall prevail. Five, quality requirements, technical standards; ? B for steels which meet the quality standards set by the State. party a is not fixed steel manufacturers, each batch of goods to the site with the goods issue a copy of the manufacturer's warranty, and stamped with Red capPreparation of inspection. Six, acceptance criteria, method; Party a shall b steel served within 48 hours of the date, sample served on local statutory inspection Department for national testing, inspection before use. used untested party a, party b shall not be liable for. steel inspection unqualified, party b is entitled to request review, review failed, party b is responsible for returning the batch of steel, the resulting costs borne by the party. Seven, the liability for breach; ?1, party guarantee by contract sixth article agreed time payment. If party payment over provides date of days Hou, by party by owes payment of steel tonnage charged compensation Gold 4 Yuan/tons/days, and monthly meet compensation gold into not pay payment in the, late over one months Hou, except charged compensation gold and site steel outside, b right to block party construction until payment and the compensation gold paid weizhi. 2, sent to party a by party b steel delivery receipt date of transfer of ownership to the party, But the party is not paid in full before the payment, site steel sent to party a by party b shall not be transferred to other sites or sell, and not another other businesses supply, party a is responsible for the consequences arising therefrom. 3, party a timely payment, delay or shortage of supply if party b, party a has the right to purchase to third parties, and the right to hold party for breach of contract. 4 If the stop when construction of the project, the party must, within 15 working days paid the price in full. 5, two copies of the contract, party b each party holds one copy, signed and sealed the entry into force of the contract.? This contract is protected by law, both parties must strictly follow. unilateral breach must accept each other resulting financial losses. in the case of matters not, supplemented by mutual agreement agreement and this contract shall have the same legal effect. trade disputes under the framework agreement the two sides negotiated settlement fails, in accordance with legal procedures to submit b contract peopleHome court.? Party a (sealed);? B (sealed);? Commissioned agents? Authorized agent; ID number;? ID number;? ? Signed date? Year? Month? Day

ada148 said: Clean! comfortable! recommended!

Gulistanim said: Clean, very good.

JLYSJ said: Good

jswxy129 said: Nice, next time will be scheduled

ljrau9999 said: Clean! very nice!

e00018522 said: That's good

njmingtian said: New hotels, new pond before traveling to several health conditions are extremely bad, this hotel makes me sit up, not only health and doing well, and the traffic is very convenient, is the meeting and was traveling very close to me, highly recommended!

FREDY said: New hotels, health and facilities are very good, and very close to Li Xin road, Guangzhou zengcheng is very convenient, travel after this.

e00373014 said: That's good!

cdtmc said: Well, you can also

caibingjj said: Hotel staff very friendly great hotel facilities, although it is not new but the health is very good price/performance is very recommended hotel

xxo404 said: Affordable, but most rooms don't have Windows

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Room typeMax.BedNetworkBreakfastAvg.rate

Standard Single Room

  • 20 sqm
  • King bed
  • 4 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.5m, 1

Twin Room

  • 20-30 sqm
  • Twin beds
  • 4 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Single bed 1.2m, 2

Deluxe Queen Room

  • 30 sqm
  • King bed
  • 4 F
  1. Can't extra bed
  2. Double bed 1.5m, 1

Hotel description

Postcode:511340   Open:2014   Number of rooms:90   Commercial Area:Luogang, Zengcheng Disctrict

Amenities & services

park place for free safety box ATM Elevator central heating Smoking area Air conditioning Public area CCTV monitoring system Multimedia Presentation System
taxi luggage storage moring call service pick-up service room service 24h front desk Car rental service Fax / Copy 24h Lobby Manager Business Services Doorman Valet Parking
Room Amenities
  • Cash
Score:4.2/ out of 5.0
13rd Mar,2018
No hair dryer, quilt has a hole
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
27th Jan,2018
Well, will also take into account
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
4th Jan,2018
OK, watch out what my room is a bit small!
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
19th Dec,2017
Hotel staff very friendly great hotel facilities, although it is not new but the health is very good price/performance is very recommended hotel
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
5th Nov,2017
[Stay in Twin Room]
5th Oct,2017
All hotels! clean! convenient! so good!;)
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
2nd Aug,2017
[Stay in Deluxe Queen Room]
26th Jul,2017
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
2nd Jul,2017
So so
[Stay in Deluxe Queen Room]
16th Jun,2017
Well, sleep till morning light.
[Stay in Standard Single Room]
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