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Deqing, Zhejiang
34F ~ 48F
Overcast To Rain and Snow
32F ~ 37F
Rain and Snow To Heavy Snow
To 20km/h
32F ~ 37F
Blizzard To Overcast
NE at 20km/h
32F ~ 36F
Light Snow To Moderate Snow
NE at 20km/h
32F ~ 39F
Heavy Snow - Blizzard To Moderate Snow
NE at 20km/h
32F ~ 37F
Heavy Snow - Blizzard To Light Snow
NE at 20km/h
The weather of past week:
16th Jan17th Jan18th Jan19th Jan20th Jan21st Jan22nd Jan
41F ~ 59F37F ~ 59F43F ~ 54F43F ~ 48F43F ~ 52F41F ~ 45F36F ~ 52F
Overcast To Light RainCloudy To OvercastOvercastOvercastOvercast To Light RainModerate Rain To Light RainCloudy
To 20km/hE at 20km/h To To 20km/hN at To 20km/h