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Hao Scenic Area is located, the park covers an area of 9.4 ha, built in 1898, formerly known as Changchun Park. Surrounded by water, north Wenfeng Tower, East Textile Museum adjacent to the main shade, landscaping and combination by King, is a pastoral charm to win the park. And the Weihe River to form the "water bag garden, garden-water" pattern. Park in the Lake, Lake of "Changchun House," tea for visitors to rest.

Tour Guide:

Wenfeng Park, North Gate, and Hao Wenfeng across the sea. Hao across in the "Taying Bridge", in the face to see plastic stone rockery. The whole high and low in the west of Shandong false, the species of natural and rounded, steep at theSeem lofty. Caves looming Flowing, surging down, the mountain into a Pitan.

After the admission by the Cave, a 4 meters high, 8 meters wide relief pop cliffs. Yiming "youth relief" from "primitive hunting and fishing map", "young and old, practice plans," "girls practice map" of three parts.

Completion of the cliffs at the entrance to enjoy the relief, and turned the park, the whole grasses.

Move on the river there is a striking building is the main building Wenfeng Park in Changchun House (also known as Ming Open House). The whole floor has booths, homes, galleries, retains the characteristics of traditional Chinese gardens.

Floor East, the "San Xuan Pavilion", is donated by overseas Chinese, the Japanese donated the park';s "Lease City Club" and "double Keating."

Park over the value of the flowers, there are Garden, Rhododendron Garden, Cherry Park, Gui Garden, Plum Garden, Rose Park, a flowers. Peony, Plum quite typical, often the bride and groom to the nirvana special souvenir photo.

South Point in the East have set off on a piece of bamboo into the "Ying Zhu Jing She," features a chess room and a blue cloth art galleries. Meanwhile, Nantong Wenfeng Park also has the largest zoo, tiger, African lion, moneyLeopards, peacocks, bears and other 30 kinds of rare animals.

Wenfeng Park in the west and another one, also near Hao, a fine stone arch bridge on the river, the roads connecting with the outside.


Hao Hao River Scenic bus line 7 can be.