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Hao, originally Nantong moat, contains the history, "the city into a river that is" more than a thousand years of history. Thousands of years, she bears a defensive, drainage, transport and heavy drinking, known as the "personal context."

70 million square meters of its surface, clear water, winding waves, landscape rich, verdant forests, the natural beauty of gulls flying fish Cheung, also known as the City';s "emerald necklace."

Guide to area attractions:

Sanyuan Bridge, southeast of Hao Wenfeng scenic area is a concentration of film spots.

Wenfeng new Sanyuanqiao River Park, now the beginning ofScale, and its natural beauty and much people with the natural rustic charm of all ages. Hao Southwest landscape film, is based in the old park built on five scenic areas, where the river wide, blue waves, is the cultural and entertainment district of Nantong City.

Wu Li Wenfeng ground, Nantong three towers (another light tower of filial piety, support cloud tower) of the crown. The tower built in the Ming Wanli 46 years (AD 1618), tower 39 meters high, wooden structure, five hexagonal, Qingwa Hongzhu, cornices Alice ridge. Climb far balcony, overlooking the city of Nantong. Wenfeng Tower homes under construction for the courtyard, is the Literary Federation, Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Museum of Art is located.

<p> Nantong City and the adjacent Tayuan Arts Institute, formerly known as "a teaching of the female red", built in 1914, the main research kimono belts, embroidered portrait, double-sided embroidery, color and beautiful folk crafts such as embroidery. Suspended within the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing, the world';s most large format mural "The Great Wall Chart" (19.51 × 3.1m) is the the production.

And Wenfengta a river is China';s first Museum of Textiles, known as the "Textile Grand View Garden", an area of 28 acres, the entire building from more than 10 buildings have a national style buildings. The main building through a variety of objects, specimens, Pictures, and audio-visual information, reflecting the development of the local textile industry long historical process, the current production level and future development trends.

Nantong Museum, located in the southeast coast of Hao. Thirty year of the Qing dynasty (AD 1905) founded by Zhang Jian. At that time the main building facilities include nature, history, art three artifacts, museum specimens, collecting huge salaries.

Xiao provincial cultural relics protection units Tianning light tower, located in Ho Hebei first. The public has the "first filial light tower, after the Tongzhou City," said. The existing building structure, with a much earlier period of the Song Dynasty as well as architectural features, has a high heritage value. Nantong ballad: "Nantong has three towers, angular sub-four hundred sixty-eight; the two towers from the ground, insert a column of cloud", the light tower is octagonal tower of filial piety.

Nantong City in Garden City is known for the beauty, thanks to Hao. Hao Scenic Area, is an ancient moat as a link to the city as the center of the open area. Main landscape including Wenfeng Park, Wenfeng Tower, Nantong Institute of Arts and Crafts, Textile Grand View Garden, Nantong Museum, the light tower of filial piety.

During Mid-Autumn Night, Hao Qushui loop, pavilion pavilion set off during the bridge, take the boats and wandering, rafting the full moon and enjoy seasonal produce (taro, Lian Peng, beans,Ling, lotus, etc.), but enjoy Hao charm.


By 8 up to the coach station. Another 7 bus line for the Hao River Scenic Area.


Hao River scenic cruise 40.