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Volcanoes located in Stone Town Xiuying District, Haikou City, about 15 kilometers from the urban area, total area of 108 square kilometers. Volcanoes of various types, covering almost all types of basaltic volcanic eruption, magma erupted from both debris cones, lava cones, mixed cone, but also the interaction of magma and groundwater in the formation of maar volcano. Volcanic landscape is also very rich lava flow - lava crust, such as rope-like, twist-like, coral-like, all amazing, amazing. More than 30 lava tunnels, the longest more than 2000 meters, the internal morphology and landscape rich, Wonderful, rarely seen at home and abroad.
Geological Park in volcanic cones, craters and basalt plateau has developed as the representative of the tropical rain forest ecological communities, 1,200 kinds of plants, fruit blends and volcanic landscape, the ecology of tropical volcanic outstanding representative of the city. Preservation of the park has thousands of years, people use ancient village built of basalt, stone, stone pagodas and a variety of production, life of equipment, recorded the people and the volcanic rock accompanied by cultural context of the volcano known as the Chinese classic culture.

  volcanoes world geological parks main attractions
The main attractions are the saddle ridge, Luo Jing disk, double-pool Ling, Fairy Cave and so on.
Saddle Ridge crater -
Saddle Ridge volcano crater known as the park, it looks like the saddle, is the world';sExtinct volcano on the mouth of one of the most complete. By the four volcanoes, Southern Cone Burner stove Ridge, North Ridge crater cone buns and two flanking small parasitic volcanoes, they said as a pair of eyes and eye ridge, known as El Nino volcano. Constitutes a perfect family, a dormant volcano Holocene.
Distributed around it going up the size of the isolated hill in more than 30, are formed by a volcanic eruption or volcanic crater heap. Magma eruption left a crisscross motion to this group of underground cave, a Fairy Cave, Wolong hole and so on. Ridge also has a "View of Hai Ting", is expected to see QiongzhouStrait and the crater, and can enjoy the beauty of Barry Lai Chi Yuen.

Luo Jing disk, two-cell Ridge -
Luo Jing disk, double-ridge is a deep pool of hot magma rising groundwater encountered during the interaction of cold steam generation product of magma eruption. For the parallel twin Maar volcano, is a low-lying volcanic crater Mt. Maar volcanoes large park, preserved valuable. Crater wall for the tuff ring. Luo Jing Ma bait plate volcano, inside diameter of1000m, radial and ring ladder, pastoral scenery is still very pleasant.

China, the world';s volcanoes Leiqiong Geopark in Haikou, is China';s only tropical coastal city of volcanoes, is the world';s Hainan Province, the first-class tourist attractions. Geological heritage park for the 40 main Quaternary volcanic volcanoes - ancient volcanic eruptions Northern Hainan Island, where the legacy of the world';s best preserved volcanoes, it seems a natural volcanic Block Museum.

Rock Hill deduction lamb: Haikou, who often came to eat a lot here. Stone Town, said that because the area is located in an extinct volcano, the land is very fertile, so longOut of the grass are particularly tender, the town';s people use the grass to feed the sheep, lamb, mutton without the usual tired.

How to eat: or a hot pot or stir dry (like barbecue), the most respected patrons of the store is called "Wan wine country."



(1) East High speed: Eastern High Speed - Dragon Bridge Overpass - High Speed Ring - Shishan Li AC - green corridor (junction with "Volcano Group World Geological Park" signs to) - Park;

<p> (2) Airport: Airport - High Speed Ring - Shishan Li AC - green corridor - Park;

(3) Sea House District:

A line: Nanhai Road (west) - Green Corridor - Park;

B line: Coastal Road (west) - Shugang Avenue - High Speed Ring - Shishan Li AC - green corridor - Park;

(4) West Coast: Coastal Road (west) - Shugang Avenue (South Railway Station) - High Speed Ring - Shishan Li AC - green corridor - Park;

(5) West line of high-speed: high-speed West- Bailian Li AC - Ring Expressway (east) - Dan Shanli cross - green corridor - Park;

(6) Sea Yuzhong line: 9.2 km Sea Yuzhong line junction with a gate at the west side of the words "volcanic Park", enter the door west 4.5 km to reach the park.

2, bus

(1) take the bus to the Xiuying 1,2,3,6,7,16,17,24,28,33,35 Avenue, in the military supply station, Xiuying street station (Simon Xiuying markets ) or waves in the market stop. Hyperion market shelter at the station and then transfer to "showUnited Kingdom - Rock Hill "," Xiuying - Yongxing "bus or taxi.

A, "Xiuying - Rock Hill" bus can reach the park (1 class every 15 minutes, fare: 3 yuan / person, 25-30 minutes by car);

B, "Xiuying - Yongxing" bus (Fare: 3 yuan / person) Yuzhong line 9.2 km in the sea get off, there';s "Volcanic Geology Park" front of canopy tricycle ride (now tricycle Fee: 1 yuan / person) can reach the park.

C, take a taxi, the fare :30-40 (to fight car 10 yuan / person), 20 minutes by car. (2) in the city of Haikou City Rd Town Red, "King Shan CMB Station" and the bus station, take the South China Sea Road, "Tainan - American Home," the bus can reach the park (now the fare: 3 yuan / person);

(3) in the city of Haikou City Rd Town Red, "King Shan CMB Station" and the bus station, Nanhai Road, Yuzhong sea travel via bus lines (such as Tainan - Compliance Tan, Tainan - Dongshan, etc.) Yuzhong line in the sea 9.2 km off, there';s "volcanic Park" canopy tricycle front of interchange (now tricycles fee: 1 yuan / person) can reach the park.


2, missed the bus can take tricycle or Morocco, to the White Sea Reservoir Yuzhong line or change the bus.

3, swim if you do not visit the volcano park geological museum, a maximum of 1 hour, plus time to eat lamb, about 2-3 hours is sufficient, it is generally able to catch the bus back to the sea.


Block: 60 yuan / Zhang.

1.2 M (without) children free of charge; from 1.2 to 1.4 m (with) children: enjoy 5 discount tickets discount, that is 30 yuan / Zhang;

Student ID can enjoy ticket discounts, or 35 yuan / Zhang;

Hainan residents with ID cards can enjoy ticket discounts, or 35 yuan / Zhang;

The elderly permit the elderly, or 65 to 69-year-old (ID card), can enjoy 5 discount off tickets, or 30 yuan / Zhang; 70 years of age or older (ID card) for free admission.