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Feidong Lake is located in the territory of Daishan, Daishan Lake was originally built after the liberation of a reservoir of local villagers, due to far from town, surrounded by all the village fields, has not been any pollution.

Cruise Guide:

Visitors boarded the yacht, the first section into the lower reaches of the West Lake. This mountain backwater turn and changeable. Water in a bay with water Wanting triple bypass. Southwest of the lake, is a natural harbor. This calm, clear water as a mirror.

Disembarked and went into Qingren Gu. Here gentle mountain, trees, very quiet. Qingren Gu a hillside not far away, is the Ming Dynasty"Speech Act Temple," the site.

Tower Lake is the largest lake island Swan Island, the island is small in size, but the terrain is steep, elegant environment, the scenery is very pleasant. Island Lake is not added as the development, the original island school of natural scenery.

Swan boat across the Sea Island and oolong narrow peninsula between the Pingzui, begins with the Lake Mountain turn backwater into the vastness of the quiet lake. The vast lake here, flying ducks, Ouniao Xiang blow. Mountains of the peninsula in the thin dusk indigo twilight, do not have a mysterious and seductive beauty.

Temple Legend of law related to speech:

Legend of the emperor was daysNext, before there is a lotus altar to worship the goddess Ma, through here, unfortunately, suffering from eye diseases, pain and shame of light, it hurts, then from time to time with the flow of River water to wash the eye, the results not here with governance and more. Current empress Ma made a wish: "If the emperor could have the world, here Xiumiao Temple, Gongseng of people say after all." Emperor ascended the throne after the fruit of his word, and here built a "Temple of speech laws," Goddess is also a wish for the horse. Later, because of war and natural damage, forward method Temple no longer exists. But the site still.

In order to reproduce the grand temple incense, and reflect the charm of Buddhist culture, it will soon restoredForward method Temple, Lotus altar, Wanshou Temple, Yuen Long Temple, Lonely Cottage and other temples.


Standard Room: 268 RMB / room (free breakfast);

Deluxe Standard Room: 368 RMB / room (free breakfast);

Guest House: 8898 yuan / sets (free breakfast).

Hour room: 2 hours before 80, after a 30 yuan / hour, time 8:00-18:00


Minimum food consumption of 150 yuan / table / 10 (consumer groups), drinks not fightFold.


About 50 kilometers from Hefei, about an hour by car from the city can be reached.


First, the cruise tourism: cost 30 yuan per person, a dragon boat, boats and other ship, limited to 10 people ride / boat.

Second, the Clippers: cost 30 yuan per person, Daishan Lake 5,6,8,9,11 number. Limit 5-8 people / boat. </ P>

Third, motor boats: starting at 30 yuan (5 minutes) and later by 10 yuan / minute charges, limited to Block 2.

Another island race track, fishing center, conference center, bathing beach, etc., as well as military and sports park, wooden fans off and other entertainment projects.