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86F ~ 100F
SW at 30km/h
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Ke bone rock scene in order to cloud the most Wonderful, and indeed comparable mountain roar. Cooper saw a green cloud of bone to the top, old sticks crosswise, visitors to this, everyone sighed a spectacle.

About hundred steps away from the cloud of bone, a stone Buddha statues, is the use of a more than ten feet high of about 10 made of rock carving. Stone Buddha sits among the stone walls, statues up to 4 husbands, wears kind, beautifully carved, on the study of ancient sculpture, valuable.

In recent years, the development of Lotus listening Ke Yan, Seven Star Crags, homologous trimer, the more women in Early Spring, the mirror of water, waterfalls, Celebrity Court, the more new attractions in a different style, fun, as ShaoXing tourism favorite.

Tips: Stone Buddha, clouds must-read for bone, Lotus Square, not do not cry. Cool and moist silk flowers holes can be used for rest and land. Within the cafe area, quite archaic. Are moving in the tofu, the flavor is very good. Many and the tree lawn less attention to the sun.

Shaoxing City road from 12 km to the west Keqiao can see a boulder all the way to unexpected, high ten Zhang Yu, wider at the top, like an inverted pagoda.


Can Shào Xìng South Gate(Golden Times Square) by 603, the hometown of Lu Xun station (the hometown of Lu Xun, Zhongxing Road, East Square) by 77 direct.


85 Yuan Jian Hu Ke Yan +; Ke Lu town rock + Jianhu + 100.