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The Eling Park is at 350 meters up offer a grand view of the Yangtze River to its south, the Jialing River to its north, the city proper to its east and the Futuguan to its west. Located it Changjiang Lu, Yuzhong district, Eling was originally named Edingling (Goose Nape Hill), for its narrow and steep shape resembling a nape of a goose. Eling Park was built in 1909, which was originally the home of Lee, a rich businessman, also known as "courteous park", with special plant species and a newly built tower (Liangjiang Pavilion) providing the view of the entire city. In 1958, large-scale of restoration was carried out on the site of Lee Garden and the park was renamed "Eling Park".

The Eling Park displays the layout of Suzhou gardens. There are various kinds of pavilions, platforms, high buildings, winding paths and corridors, lotus ponds and arc bridges in the garden. Additionally, there are potted landscape gardens with characteristic. The man-made landscapes on the mountain look quite elegant.

On the crest of the city, Eling Park graces Chongqing with delicate miniature landscapes. Mt. Nanshan, Mt. Wangshan and Mt. Jinyun with age-old trees and bamboo groves are worth visiting. Swimming and bathing in the Hot Springs of the Southern and Northern Parks appeal to all. In the zoo there are such rare animals such as pandas and golden haired monkeys. The museum in Chongqing has on display dinosaur fossil skeletons and many other relics. About 150 kilometers from Chongqing you will find the famous super sized stone sculptures in Dazu. You regret it if you miss the magnificent Yangzi Gorges as you leave Chongqing. After the dam on the Yangzi River is completed this sight will be gone forever.