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    In 1907 it was the turbulent time of the late Qing Dynasty. A man called Hong began to build the classical garden at 4 Hanjia Lane . He was inspired by "Thatched Cottage of Carrying a Crane" of an ancient writer's inscription ; he christened his garden "Crane". Crystal-clear water pool seems like a reflecting mirror and winding corridors look like colorful rainbow in the sky. Odd stones and mountainous terrain embrace Fengtingyueguan House .

    Before the completion of Crane Garden Mr. Hong had left Suzhou and it became the office of agricultural administration. During the Nationalist period, the garden has been the gathering venue for artists and litterateurs. Lilacs had been planted by a Chinese poet Zhu Zumou . When they are blossoming, fragrance that delights the hearts of tourists will waft all over the garden. In 1920s, Kunqu Chinese Opera concerts were often held in Crane Garden. Young people who were practicing the opera would like to gather here and exchange their singing knowledge. Famous celebrities including renowned Chinese Opera singer and actor, Mei Lanfang  had visited the garden. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, Crane Garden has been used as bureau of Municipal Political Consultative Committee, later it became a printing factory and raw material bureau. In 1978 the function of political consultative office resumed. China's government spent 100,000 RMB Yuan to refit the garden entirely two years later.