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For the leading mountain winds stretching from the Great Lake reservoir in the abdomen, the formation of the peninsula, exactly like the blue dragon lay on the Lake among the leading named Nagisa. Resort area of the "Seven Mile dike" is finished now by far the best horse mountain landscape boulevard leading from the Mountain Giant Buddha to Nagisa just 5 minutes by car, visitors can enjoy the beauty of Taihu Lake along.

Hope there are three major scenic Longting leading Nagisa Nagisa watching the leading attractions. The first is the viewing platform in front of goal, the second is the hope of Pepper in the lake to the third, only to really appreciate the Green Dragon boat lying wave momentum. Wang Dragon Pavilion is the leading land For the best viewing place, from afar, the leadingLike a dragon stretching from Taihu lake.

Spring tide over a continued leader to set foot on the bridge leading the neck. Here are Mr. Zhao Puchu writing "leading Nagisa" the words, written in the back of Mr. Yin Shoushi';s "Dragon but not the tail." Reach into the heart of rock in front of the lake is long tongue, about 15 meters wide and 4 meters. For the leading-line lake, the Taihu Lake is divided into what two lakes, where fast-flowing, water undercurrent horizon, the wind when the lake like a mirror; Fengkuang the Jingtao slap, splash rain beads.

History: As early as 2,500 years ago, the king lu summer palace built here, making Lake boats, a Lake boat cuisine, open resortTravel this precedent. 494 BC, Chinese history, the famous water battle, victory Fuchai cross the battle of Cardiff Law leading to outbreaks in Nagisa around the king himself has yet to stay current drum drums pier site.

2000 years ago, the emperor East Tour Hueiji, Smarter to stay here and leave traces of the four horses, changed its name from Cardiff Law Majishan Hill (now referred to as Ma Shan). Since then literati ink in this constantly.

Legend: folklore of a "cut leader" of the story. There is a dragon in ancient, late-night sneak into the lake, startled deer Lushan';s a god. Long deer encounter, fought the peopleNot peace. Lushan then sent 18 Warriors, cut lead, nailed with copper nails here, later he called this place called the "leading Nagisa."

Horse Mountain is located in Wuxi Taihu National Tourism Resort southern tip, the face of boundless expanse of Lake Taihu, backed Mountain Giant Buddha, the mountains like a swimming dragon, direct stretching from the lake. The shape of the leading mountain, dragon tongue, dragon eyes, long neck, Longbei, dragon claw, dragon-shaped, length of 2500 meters, realistic shape.


Green Mountain Forshang from Pakistan to the large, half-hourIntervals.



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